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  • Dec 2011/Jan 2012. Going On Faith: the Magazine for Faith-Based Travel Planners. Lexington, Kentucky. Youth Focus: Stories of Creation by Brian Jewell. Page 13.
  • Dec 7. The Herald Bulletin. Anderson, Indiana. Reader Viewpoint. Creation Museum does not represent view of all Christians by Carl Caldwell.
  • Dec 5. The Herald Bulletin. Anderson, Indiana. Creation Thinking - Kentucky museum presents scientific data on birth of world as interpreted by Christian views by Emma Bowen Meyer. Pages C1-C2. Includes photos.
  • Dec 2. Kentucky Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio. Creation Museum Christmas events start next week by Karen Vance. Page C3.


  • Nov 21. The Globe and Mail. Toronto, Ontario. Canada. Many called, but few chosen as winners at $260,000 National Bible Bee by Steve Ladurantaye.
    "There's $260,000 to spread among all the divisions, along with other prizes such as waterproof Bibles and five-year memberships to the Creation Museum in Kentucky."
  • Nov 17. The Christian Index. Duluth, Georgia. The answers really are in Genesis by Gerald Harris. Pages 1, 10-11, 17.
  • Nov 11. Calgary Herald. Calgary, Alberta. Canada. Festiva Madness event proves great family fun by Greg Williams. Page F2.
    "The Cassleys looked at maps and slowly plotted a route that would allow them to visit several points of interest along the way, including the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., and several others sites..."


  • Sep 29. Grant County News. Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Crittenden man shoots local films by Paige Taylor. Page 13.
    Ben Wilt: "I do a lot of freelance productions; I do spots, ads and productions for the Creation Museum. A lot of my work has been through them."


  • Jun 25. Kentucky Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio. Faith Matters. Bible churches to visit international convention by Karen Vance. Page B3.
    "The Creation Museum is serving as a big draw for delegates to an international convention of Bible Churches next week." [IFCA International]
  • Jun 19. Enquirer Media. Cincinnati, Ohio. Top Work Places 2011. Pages I2, I10-I11, I13, I18 (advertisement by Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum)


  • May 30. OneNewsNow.com. Tupelo, Mississippi. USA. Creation Museum -- 4 years and counting by Charles Butts.
    "Answers in Genesis is celebrating the fourth anniversary of its Creation Museum, which has welcomed at least 1.3 million visitors so far."
    "In addition to the everyday crowd, more than 300 media sources, including Arab media outlet Al-Jazeera, have paid a visit. Co-founder Mark Looy tells OneNewsNow his group has received plenty of feedback."
  • May 22. Eveloce blog. Cincinnati, Ohio. USA. A Trip to the Creation “Science” Museum by Steve Potter.
    "Oh Boy. Oh Joy. I live in Cincinnati, home of the “Creation Museum”. In case you didn’t know, it is a “museum” dedicated to a literal interpretation of the bible. Earth is only a few thousand years old. God created all life on earth as we see it today. Evolution is wrong, never happened. The earth was completely flooded, and all land life would have perished, but for Noah’s Ark."
  • May 21. Kentucky Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio. Rapture Cincinnati: 5/21/31 by Lauren Bishop. Pages A1, A7.
    "Answers in Genesis, the nonprofit ministry that built the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., also cited those verses in a long written response to Camping's predictions..."
  • May 18. The News Courier. Athens, Alabama. Scene by Kelly Kazek. Page 20.


  • April. Cincinnati Parent. Cincinnati, Ohio. One Tank Trips Around by Melissa Stewart, Editor. Pages 9, 36.
    "Bringing the pages of the Bible to life, the Creation Museum, located in Petersburg, offers striking exhibits that take guests on a time journey through a visual presentation of the "Seven C's of History" according to the Scriptures..."
  • Apr 1. Curator: The Museum Journal. Risen Apes and Fallen Angels: The New Museology of Human Origins by Stephen T. Asma. Volume 54, Number 2, pp. 141–163, April 2011.
    "Abstract  There has been a little explosion of “origin” exhibitions in the past few years. The recent bicentennial of Darwin’s birth, in 2009, ushered in a bevy of traveling exhibitions and events. Grand-scale permanent exhibitions have recently opened at the American Museum of Natural History (the Spitzer Hall of Human Origins) in New York, and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History (the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins) in Washington, D.C. A new museology is afoot, and some of the recent changes are worth tracking. And let’s not forget the recently opened Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Even in creationist thinking, where views seem eternally and stubbornly intransigent, there are new fads and museological fashions."


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