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  • June. Think, Brentwood, TN. USA. Prepare to Believe: Our tour of the new Creation Museum by Jim Palmer and Brad Harrub, Ph.D. Published by Focus Press.
  • June. St. Louis MetroVoice, St. Peters, MO. USA. Multiple articles on Answers in Genesis and Answers magazine by this St. Louis area Christian newspaper.


  • May 29. Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio. The First Day: Thousands Come by Mike Rutledge. Pages A1, A8.
  • May 25. Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, KY. USA. Answers in Genesis showcase officially opens on Monday. Creation museum to draw believers, critics: Faithful to outnumber first-day protesters by Andy Mead.
  • May 25. Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, OH. USA. Religion loses when it rejects mainstream science by Andrew Oldenquist. "Andrew Oldenquist is professor emeritus of philosophy at Ohio State University." [The print edition of the "Columbus Dispatch" positioned this commentary under the main article about the Creation Museum.]
  • May 25. Stanford Daily, Palo Alto, CA. USA.

What you didn't know about Darwin: One of today's most slammed kept quiet about theories for two decades, avidly studied barnacles - and was less than satisfied with his appearance by Shelby Martin. Stanford University college newspaper.

  • May 24. Boone County Recorder, KY. USA. Creation Museum is set for opening by Paul McKibben. Two page spread
  • May 24. Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, KY. USA. Group plans protest of Creation Museum by Andy Mead, Lexington Herald-Leader staff writer.
  • May 24. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Makati City, Philippines. Dinosaurs frolic with Adam and Eve at 'Garden of Eden' by Mira Oberman, Agence France-Presse.
  • May 22. l'Humanité, Saint-Denis, France. Adam et Ève au pays des dinosaures by Karine Parquet. "...formerly the daily newspaper of the French Communist Party (PCF) ... now independent, but still maintains broad links with the PCF."
  • May 22. La Voix du Nord, Lille, France. Quand les dinosaures rencontrent Adam et Ève
  • May 22. DeMorgen, Brussel, Belgium. Amerikaans museum over creationisme doet evolutionisten weer steigeren: Adam en Eva staan er broederlijk naast de dinosaurussen en ook de ark van Noach maakt deel uit van het scenario. Een nieuw museum, gefinancierd en gebouwd door creationisten, lokt hevige kritiek uit in de Verenigde Staten by Ayfer Erkul.
  • May 22. Journal-Press, Lawrenceburg. IN. USA. Creation by the Book: Museum follows the words of the Bible by Bill Robinson. Full-page article about the Creation Museum and AiG employees from Indiana.
  • May 22. American.com, Washington, D.C USA. Being Honest About Ignorance by William R. Brody, President of Johns Hopkins University. Adapted from a speech given at the University's 131st commencement. "Copyright © 2006, American Enterprise Institute." [Conservatives for evolution? AiG criticized in speech!]
  • May 21. La Dépêche du Midi, Toulouse, France. LE CRÉATIONNISME S'OFFRE UN MUSÉE: À GRAND SPECTACLE CONTRE LA THÉORIE DE L'ÉVOLUTION - Un parc d'attractions très rétrograde
  • May 21. Le Figaro, Paris, France. Des dinosaures folâtrent avec Adam et Eve. Extremely short version of Agence France-Presse story.
  • May 21. The Alan Colmes Show - Fox News Radio, New York, New York. The Creation Museum: Ken Ham vs. Eugenie Scott with Alan Colmes. 10 pm to 1 am.
  • May 21. Yahoo! News, USA. Dinosaurs frolic with Adam and Eve at creationism museum by Mira Oberman, AFP.
  • May 21. The Tennessean, Nashville, TN. USA. Creation Museum worries scientists: Literal approach to Bible account gains $27M ally by John Johnston, Cincinnati Enquirer. This article has appeared in additional county (suburban) Tennessee newspapers affiliated with this website.
  • May 21. Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY. USA. Educators: Creation Museum lacks scientific evidence: N. Kentucky attraction is based on Bible by Dylan T. Lovan, Associated Press.
  • May 20. France 24, Issy-les-Moulineaux (Paris), France. Dinosaurs frolic with Adam and Eve at creationism museum by Mira Oberman, Agence France-Presse.
  • May 20. La Croix, Paris, France. USA: des dinosaures folâtrent avec Adam et Eve au Musée du créationnisme by Agence France-Presse. Major French Roman Catholic newspaper.
  • May 20. Times Colonist, Victoria, British Columbia. Canada. Dinosaurs, Adam and Eve frolic at creation museum by Mira Oberman, Agence France-Presse.
  • May 20. Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, MD. USA. Ky. creation museum goes high-tech: Flat-screen TVs, special effects used to tell Bible's history by Richard Fausset.
  • May 20. Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ. USA. Creation Museum debut draws interest, scrutiny: $27 million facility shows history from biblical perspective by Ryan Clark, Cincinnati Enquirer. Also includes: Creation theory debates sparked by John Johnston, Cincinnati Enquirer.
  • May 20. Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA. USA. A rather unusual species of museum: A creationism site will teach that humans and dinosaurs coexisted by Richard Fausset, Times Staff Writer. Same article also found at the LA Times' Calendarlive.com for that weekend, listed the Creation Museum under "Galleries and Museums'.
  • May 19. Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL. USA. Creation Museum causes stir in scientific circles by Dylan T. Lovan, Associated Press.
  • May 19. Mainichi Daily News, Tokyo, Japan. Educators cast doubt as Kentucky Bible-based museum nears opening by Dylan T. Lovan of the Associated Press.
  • May 19. West Australian, Perth, Australia. Evolution Vs Creation. Uncredited rewrite of Dylan Lovan AP story.
  • May 19. Zanesville Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH. USA. Educators criticize Cincinnati-area creation museum by Dylan T. Lovan, Associated Press.
  • May 19. Kentucky Enquirer, Ft. Mitchell, KY. USA. Museum of misinformation posing as science by Lawrence M. Krauss. "...Director of the Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics at Case Western Reserve University as well as the Chair of the Forum on Physics and Society of the American Physical Society.'
  • May 18. Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville, NC. USA. BizBits: Museum. AP story.
  • May 18. WLWT-TV, Channel 5, NBC, Cincinnati, OH. USA. Creation Museum Short On Science, Educators Say AP story. View video of earlier WLWT-TV news story on Creation Museum.
  • May 18. WCPO-TV, Channel 9, ABC, Cincinnati, OH. USA. Educators Criticize Creation Museum posted by Laura Hornsby.
  • May 18. Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, KY. USA. Educators cast doubt as Ky. biblical-based museum nears opening by Dylan T. Lovan of the Associated Press.
  • May 18. Cincinnati Post and Kentucky Post, Cincinnati, OH. USA. Museum approach opposed: World creation version disputed by Joe Wessels.
  • May 17. Florence Recorder, Florence, KY. USA. Protesters target museum opening by Paul McKibben.
  • May 16. The Anniston Star, Anniston, AL. USA. Don't do what Dr. Dino did by Harvey H. Jackson. "Harvey H. Jackson is a professor and chairman of the history department at Jacksonville State University."
  • May 16. Kentucky Enquirer, Ft. Mitchell, KY. USA. Petitions protest Creation Museum by Ryan Clark.
  • May 14. America : the National Catholic Weekly, USA. "Onslaught of the Intolerant" by Mark E. Rondeau, correspondent for The Catholic Observer, of the Diocese of Springfield, Mass. Review of Chris Hedges', American Fascists.
  • May 11. Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati, OH. USA. Grasping evolution requires study by Dr. Frank Traina, Letter to the editor.
  • May 11. Community Press, Florence, KY. USA. Protesters target museum opening by Paul McKibben.
  • May 10. Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati, OH. USA. Creation from another viewpoint by Kevin Eigelbach.
  • May 8. DefCon Blog, USA. Fighting Ignorance by Clark. Announcement of second petition drive asking visitors to "...sign our petition condemning the Creation Museum."
  • May 8. Community Recorder, Florence, KY. USA. God and natural law by Jason Lisle, Ph.D., Community Recorder Guest Columnist. Dr. Jason Lisle is director of the planetarium at the Creation Museum set to open May 28 in Petersburg. He received his Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of Colorado. Google cached copy.
  • May 8. Community Recorder, Florence, KY. USA. Dumbing down of society by Edwin Kagan, Community Recorder Guest Columnist. Edwin Kagin of Union is a local attorney, member of the Free Inquiry Group of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, and organizer of the 'Rally for Reason' protest demonstration against the Creation Museum. Google cached copy.
  • May 7. Scihost, Ohio. USA. Scientific Inaccuracies at AIG's "Creation Museum". Statement of Concern about Impact of AIG's Creation "Museum" A petition drive asking scientists in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio to sign a petition opposing the Answers in Genesis Museum. The website indicates that Eugenie Scott's "The National Center for Science Education is administering the collection of signatures." [Of course, with the possible exception of one individual, none of the signators have actually SEEN the museum.] A statement on the host site reads: "We provide webhosting to non-profit groups involved in science education."
  • May 7. The Times, Trenton, NJ. USA. Would you believe ... ? editorial.
  • May 4. Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati,OH. USA. Evolution -- down on the farm: Rural approach to teaching theory by Kevin Eigelbach.
  • May 2. Atlantic Free Press, Groningen, Netherlands. Bill Maher Was Right, sort of... by Mel Seesholtz, Ph.D. ["...Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University." "...and Homosexual activist..."]
  • May 1. Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati, OH. USA. Press should give creationists a fair shake by Mark Looy. Guest column by AiG chief communications officer in response to April 27 column.
  • May 1. Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati, OH. USA. 'Fusion Weekend' ahead by Rick Bird, Post staff writer. AiG opening mentioned.
  • May/June. YouNIQUE, Florence, KY. USA. On the First Day... by Joe M. Martin. First issue of magazine focusing on Northern Kentucky living.
  • May. Charisma, Lake Mary, FL. USA. Creation On Display by Adrienne S. Gaines.


  • April 30. Rally for Reason, Union, KY. USA. Rally for Reason. Information website run by Ed Kagin for the May 28, 2007 protest demonstration against the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum.
  • April 29. AOL News, USA. Working Replica of Noah's Ark Opens by Toby Sterling, Associated Press. Article includes photo gallery of AiG Museum.
  • April 28. KMLB-AM, 540, Monroe, LA. USA. We Talk Back. Interview with AiG's Mark Looy about the Creation Museum. MP3 available at A. Larry Ross Communications.
  • April 27. Marion Star, Marion, OH. USA. Creation Museum touches workers' lives by Ryan Clark of the The Cincinnati Enquirer.
  • April 27. Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN. USA. Creation Museum story does disservice to students by Jerry Wilson. Letter to the editor.
  • April 27. Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati, OH. USA. New page turned in centuries-old conflict - Focus on history by Dan Hurley, Post columnist.
  • April 27. New York Times, New York, NY. USA. Museums, God and Man by Austin Considine. Page 2 feature article in the 'Escapes' (travel) section on US museums with exhibits on human evolution. Includes mention of AiG and ICR museums. [Registration may be required to view.]
  • April 23. Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN. USA. Museum that will focus on faith also inspires it by Ryan Clark.
  • Spring 2007. Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Johnson City, TN. USA. The Question of Sheltering: a talk with Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis by Deborah Wuehler.
  • April 23. Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY. USA. Creation Museum changing lives of workers: N. Kentucky site set to open May 2 by Ryan Clark.
  • April 22. Courier-Post, Cherry Hill, NJ. USA. Bible literalists prepare for holy museum by Ryan Clark, Gannett News Service.
  • April 18. On Faith, USA. Genesis and the Fall by Ken Ham. Published on the Washington Post's "On Faith: a Conversation on Religion with Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn" section. [Joint forum hosted by two columnists from the Washington Post and Newsweek.]
  • April 14. BBC News, England. Creationist museum challenges evolution by Martin Redfern. "For some a battle between science and religion is being fought for the soul of America. The Creationists argue God created the world in six days and want their beliefs given equal status to evolutionary science."
  • April 12. WLKY-TV, Channel 32, Louisville, KY. USA. New Biblical Museum Raises $27 Million Associated Press. Syndicated article.
  • April 12. Northville Record, Northville, MI. USA. Origin of Earth topic of First Baptist's three-day conference by Maureen Johnston, Record staff writer. On HometownLife, a website for Michigan weeklies and community papers. Carl Kerby conference.
  • April 9. Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO. USA. Creation Museum: Letters by Jim Babcock. [Critical of museum, quotes from AiG website but context wrong!]
  • April 6. Journal-Courier, Jacksonville, IL. USA. Surrounded by creation: anti-evolution museum set to open Memorial Day by Andy Mead.
  • April 2. Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL. USA. Museum starts it all in Garden of Eden: The Creation Museum exhibits a Bible-based version of history by Andy Mead.
  • April 2. Myrtle Beach Sun News, Myrtle Beach, NC. USA. Creation Museum pairs dinos, humans by Andy Mead.
  • April 1. The Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO. USA. Museum depicts literal translation of the Bible by Andy Mead.
  • April 1. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta, GA. USA. Creation Museum evolving into Kentucky attraction by Andy Mead.


  • March 28. MCT Campus, USA. Creation museum Editor's Picks. Museum photo gallery. The McClatchy-Tribune Information Services website for college and high school newspapers.
  • March 28. Biloxi Sun Herald, Biloxi, MS. USA. Anti-evolution museum set to open by Andy Mead.
  • March 28. The State, Columbia, SC. USA. Anti-evolution museum set to open by Andy Mead.
  • March 28. Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, CA. USA. Anti-evolution museum set to open by Andy Mead.
  • March 27. Rapid City Journal, Rapid City, SD. USA. Doctors to speak on creation science by Mary Garrigan, Journal staff. AiG conference with Dr. David Menton, Carl Kerby, and Dr. Randy Guliuzza.
  • March 20. die tageszeitung, Berlin, Germany. Mit Gott durch Kentucky by Adrienne Woltersdorf. Cooperative-owned German daily newspaper. Circulation about 60,000.


  • February 25. Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH. USA. What's News? The Grand Canyon Skywalk and Kentucky's Creation Museum are among 12 new things for 2007 by Beth J. Harpez, Associated Press.
  • February 10. Kentucky Enquirer, Ft. Mitchell, KY.. USA. Maher visit not funny: Creation center says he sneaked in by Dylan T. Lovan, Associated Press. pdf of front page.
  • February 5. USA Today, USA. The Bible vs. science by Tom Krattenmaker. "Some creationists have decided to pick a fight that is neither necessary nor wise. Let science be science, and let religion be religion. The two need not be reconciled. After all, shouldn't faith be enough?"


  • January 14. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta, GA. USA. 'Theology of despair' a threat. Interview of Chris Hedges by Richard Halicks. Large photo of Creation Museum and mention of museum.
  • January. The Biblical Evangelist, Vero Beach, FL. USA. Evolutionists Target Children by Ken Ham and Walt Stumper. Reprint of AiG Newsletter article.

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