Canadian creationist finds fish fossils

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Canadian creationist Edgar Nernberg working on a home construction site for Keystone Excavating in Evanston, Calgary uncovered five remarkably preserved fossils of a type of "bony tongue" fish.


  • Article titles in italic indicate story appeared in print edition.



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  • May 31. Guardian Weekly. London, England. Creationist hopes his fossil find will get two plaques – one fitting his world view by Amanda Holpuch.
    "If a Canadian museum decides to exhibit a recent fossil discovery, the man who found it, Edgar Nernberg, hopes it will be displayed with two plaques. One would contain local paleontologists’ explanation, that the fossil is around 60 million years old. The other would explain Nernberg’s view that his find is from the past 6,000 years, after the world began."
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    Canadian Edgar Nernberg isn’t into the whole evolution thing. In fact, he’s on the board of directors of Big Valley’s Creation Science Museum, a place meant to rival local scientific institutions.
  • May 30. Houston Chronicle. Houston, Texas. Creationist museum supporter makes major fossil find, but he has bone to pick by Rahel Feltman. p. A2.
    “Most people would have overlooked these. When these were uncovered, Edgar right away recognized them,” Darla Zelenitsky, paleontologist and assistant professor of geoscience at the University of Calgary, told the Sun. “He’s apparently interested in fossils, and that’s probably how he saw them. An ordinary person might have just seen blobs in the rock.”
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