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  • April 13, 2011. theology in chuck taylors - musings from a Reformed minister, seeking to grow in grace and be ever reforming blog. USA. Biologos … what are we to think? by Nick.
    "It is the aim of these men and BLF to propagate their doctrine that young earth creationism is not compatible with science, and that evolution and Christianity are not incompatible. However, in their endeavor to make the two compatible, they change one; namely, they change the Scripture and change true interpretation of the Scripture in order to fit a scientific agenda. This can be seen in their writings, which are long on science, quoting other near east sources, but short on Scripture and exposition. Their writings, often tear down traditional interpretation, because science has ‘given us more light,’ or other sources from around ancient Israel speak differently of events or in understanding God."
  • April 11, 2011. ASA Homeschool Science Resources blog. USA. American Scientific Affiliation website. Weighing in on Ken Ham, Peter Enns and Jay Wile by Douglas Hayworth.
    "Parents who read homeschool blogs or plan to attend an upcoming home educator conference will be aware of recent events concerning Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham vis-a-vis bible scholar Peter Enns and Apologia science textbook author Jay Wile. Because of the positions that these three individuals represent in relation to natural science and biblical interpretation, the controversy involving Ham, Enns and Wile is significant and relevant to the concerns of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) and this Homeschool Science Resources website."
  • April 11, 2011. Johannes Weslianus blog. A Review of Peter Enns’ Bible Curriculum by Rachel Miller.
    "My concerns, however, greatly outweigh these areas of agreement. The problems that I see with Telling God’s Story can be grouped into three basic topics: methodology, Biologos/evolution, and view of Scripture."
  • March 7, 2011. Columbus Dispatch. Columbus, Ohio. USA. God gave us ability to think for ourselves by John B. Will.
    "When a Christian organization, such as BioLogos, seeks to accommodate theories such as evolution alongside biblical teachings, most biblical scholars get upset and want to present the truth as they believe God tells it. People then can decide for themselves what to believe. Free will is a gift from God."
  • April 1, 2011. Cincinnati Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio. USA. Many teach at home for other reasons by Denise Smith Amos. Page C1 & C2.
  • April 1, 2011. Kentucky Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio. USA. Home-schoolers gather to learn by Denise Smith Amos. Page C1 & C2.


  • March 31, 2011. Cincinnati, Ohio. USA. Homeschooling gains momentum by Denise Smith Amos.
    "The often passionate Creationist was expelled after he publicly criticized and blogged about a convention speaker and exhibitor and called out convention organizers for "compromising" on Bible theology for allowing a speaker who doesn't espouse a solely literal interpretation of the Bible's Book of Genesis."
  • March 30, 2011. bore me to tears blog. The 2011 Homeschool Christian Contests by Lynn.
    "Please don’t get our homeschool conferences confused with the other organization that recently disinvited Ken Ham to an event after he publicly called into question the faith of another Christian vendor. Granted, the names of the two organizations sound similar (theirs is Great Homeschool Conventions; ours is Great American Homeschool Conferences), but, unlike GH events, ours are “Christ-centered and stand for the literal truth of all Scripture.” (We also see nothing wrong with publicly calling into question the faith of other Christians, as evidenced by this email.)"
  • March 30, 2011. City Beat. Cincinnati, Ohio. USA. John Pepper and Duke Customers by Kevin Osborne.
    "KEN HAM: The founder of Answers in Genesis, the science-denying group that built the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., ostracized even some of his fellow true believers with his recent remarks. Ham was banned from a home schooling convention held in Cincinnati this week after he criticized one of its planned speakers. Ham didn’t like that Peter Enns of the BioLogos Foundation said that the biblical story of Adam and Eve was metaphorical, instead of literal. Ham said that view is an “outright liberal theology that totally undermines the authority of the Word of God.” Convention organizers called Ham’s remarks “ungoldy and mean-spirited.” We sense a fatwa forming."
  • March 30, 2011. Institute for Creation Research. Dallas, Texas. USA. Promoting Christ-centered Home Education by Lawrence Ford.
    "No doubt, more homeschool families will be reassessing their approach to home education due to the recent controversy swirling around the Great Homeschool Conventions, Inc., in Cincinnati. One major question seems to be: Is the Christian home education movement still Christ-centered?"
  • March 28, 2011. Lutheran Science Institute blog. Ken Ham Banned From Homeschool Convention by Warren Krug.
    "Ken Ham was 100% correct in what he was quoted as saying. He would not be doing his Christian duty if he were to just sit back and watch people fall for the Biologos philosophy. If he was "mean-spirited," then so was Jesus when Jesus pointed out the hypocrisy of the Pharisees (Matthew 23:13) or the abolitionists who opposed the slaveholders. And because I agree with Ken Ham on this point, I guess this makes me "mean-spirited" as well."
  • March 28, 2011. Out of our minds too... blog. Home schoolers split over Ken Ham and Peter Enns... by Tim Bayly.
    "No, what's fascinating here is that home schoolers are not disciplining Enns and removing him and his BioLogos curriculum from their exhibit halls and workshop schedules. Rather, it's Ken Ham who's getting the boot and all the mothers are shocked because conflict is scandalous to them and they don't like anyone calling them to Biblical discernment."
  • March 27, 2011. Christian Post. Ken Ham Disinvited from Homeschooling Events over 'Ungodly' Remarks by Jennifer Riley.
    "On Saturday, Ham was still posting messages on his Facebook page about Peter Enns – the speaker who, according to Ham, he is accused of making mean-spirited remarks about. Ham accuses Enns, a senior fellow of biblical studies at the BioLogos Foundation based in San Diego, of not believing in a literal Adam and Fall. He also takes issue with Enns’s belief that sin should not be discussed with young children because it would cause problems with their view of God."
  • March 26, 2011. Ken Ham Facebook notes. Answers In Genesis Stands with Apologia by Ken Ham.
    "Answers in Genesis wants to publicly affirm its support of Apologia Educational Ministries. We also support the current president and the direction he is taking Apologia. We are happy to affirm that the elementary, junior high, and high school science textbooks published by Apologia are consistent with the belief in a six-day creation by God and the inerrancy of Scripture."
    "Answers in Genesis also supports, recommends, and sells the biblical worldview curriculum for children age 6-14 years, which is published by Apologia in partnership with Summit Ministries. In light of the recent controversy surrounding a homeschool convention in Greenville, South Carolina, we report that the perceived conflict between Ken Ham of AiG and John Stonestreet of Summit Ministries was based on an unfortunate misunderstanding, and has been amicably resolved. Regarding the theological issues surrounding the conflict, we report that there is no disagreement."
  • March 25, 2011. Live Like Dirt - Science, Words and Rock and Roll blog. Canada. Hold the Ham, please by Andrew C. Holmes.
  • March 25, 2011. Molding Minds Homeschool blog. Peter Enns Unbiblical? Jay Wile Plays Semantics by Anna.
    "By now you know that the dis-invite of Ken Ham to the Great Homeschool Conventions in Cincinnati and Greenville is the talk of the homeschooling world right now. What you may not know is that there are other individuals who are involved in this controversy as well. Dr. Jay Wile formerly of Apologia and Susan Bauer of The Well Trained Mind, have both put themselves into the middle of it. Hopefully, I will have time to do a bit more looking into Susan's stand on the controversial dismissal, but for now I want to share a bit of Dr. Wile's response to it. On Dr. Wile's blog he has yet again voiced his disapproval of Ken Ham's outing of Dr.Peter Enns unbiblical views, but more interesting than the blog is the comments. While Dr. Wile states adamantly that he does not agree with Enns' non-literal interpretation of, well frankly, just about the entire Bible, he seems to be consistently defending him and unwilling to call it like it is, WRONG. If Enns is wrong, that is he is not interpreting scripture correctly, then wouldn't that make his views unbiblical? I mean either you have a correct interpretation or you don't, either you are biblical or you are not. So, my question to Dr. Wile would be, at what point does it become unbiblical? Peter Enns represents a growing and dangerous liberal movement not only within the homeschool circles, but also within evangelical Christianity. The movement has not just led to the "theistic evolutionist" view point, but to much more dangerous ones. A non-literal translation of the Bible undermines the entire authority of the scripture! Starting with Genesis, Ennis has systematically turned the Bible into a book of metaphorical fairy tales."
  • March 25, 2011. Apologia Education Ministries. What Does Apologia Believe?
    "Current discussions in the homeschool community regarding the controversy surrounding the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, South Carolina, involve, among others, an Apologia author and one of our ministry partners. Therefore it has become important to make sure the homeschool community is clear about what Apologia believes concerning Scripture and where our textbooks stand in light of this debate."
  • March 25, 2011. Grace Notes blog. Ken Ham v. Peter Enns by Grace.
    "I personally found nothing wrong, harsh, or unloving about what Dr. Ham said."
  • March 25, 2011. Around the World with Ken Ham blog. Listen to This by Ken Ham.
    "Listen to this two minute audio clip where I quoted Dr. Peter Enns and commented on his beliefs at the homeschool convention in Greenville, SC, last week—you can appraise for yourself this section of my talk:"
  • March 25, 2011. Columbus Dispatch. Columbus, Ohio. USA. "Convention bans founder of museum" via Associated Press. Page B3.
  • March 25, 2011. Kentucky Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio. USA. Group un-invites Ham. Page C1.
  • March 25, 2011. One News Now. Ken Ham confronts 'liberal theology,' gets the boot by Bill Bumpas and Jody Brown.
    "Ham declined to speak with OneNewsNow on the matter. However, the Answers in Genesis website claims the disagreement centers around Dr. Peter Enns of the BioLogos Foundation. The website explains that Ham wrote Facebook and blog items expressing concerns that Enns does not believe sin should be discussed with young children because it will cause problems with their view of God -- and he does not believe in a literal Adam and a literal Fall."
  • March 24, 2011. A Wise Woman Builds Her Home blog. Ken Ham's Special Offer to Cincinnati's Homeschool Convention Attendees by Mrs. June Fuentes.
    "In light of all the controversy that has surrounded Ken Ham the President and founder of Answers in Genesis and The Creation Museum, Dr. Enns and the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention--Mr. Ham is generously giving all paid attendees of the conference a free special offer at The Creation Museum..."
  • March 24, 2011. Tuscany Circle blog. "Christian" v. Christian by Wayne.
    "Answers in Genesis and its spokesman Ken Ham have been kicked out of two, ostensibly Christian, homeschool conventions. The reason is appalling. Ken dared to point out how prominent members of Christendom, some also invited to these conventions, are sacrificing the authority of God's Word by their apostasies. Ken phrased it much more delicately than I do, of course, but essentially he was standing up for truth and was punished for it."
  • March 24, 2011. Institute for Creation Research. Dallas, Texas. USA. A Time to Keep Silent, and a Time to Speak by Henry Morris III.
    "Recent efforts in the homeschooling community to squelch public scrutiny of Dr. Enns' teachings are alarming. Removing a nationally-known and highly-respected defender of the Bible like Ken Ham—one who truly supports the efforts of Christian homeschooling—reveals the sad state of today's homeschool movement.1 Given the same scenario in the first century, Jesus would have been "disinvited" from speaking at these conventions, and certainly the apostle Paul for naming names, as he did in his epistles."
  • March 24, 2011 Creation Museum blog. Petersburg, Kentucky. USA. Special Offer for Cincinnati Homeschool Convention Attendees.
    "In light of the recent events surrounding the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention, the president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis–U.S. and the Creation Museum, Ken Ham, has this special announcement."
    "Offer valid March 31–April 3, 2011. One free Creation Museum admission per paid registration to the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention (two tickets per paid family registration), and a free MP3 (one per family) of four of Ken Ham’s major talks (must show proof of paid registration)."
  • March 24, 2011. The Happy Housewife - where Martha meets real life blog. Ken Ham Uninvited from the Great Homeschool Conventions.
    "If you have ever heard Ken Ham speak you know that he attacks ideas and world views. I can’t remember ever hearing him attack someone personally, and I’ve heard him speak numerous times. I have also never heard him question the salvation of another believer. I will say that Mr. Ham is relentless in his attacks on opposing views and passionate about what he believes is a biblical worldview. Anyone who has heard him speak, read his books, or visited his website knows this about him because he is unwavering in his positions."
    "What is interesting about this is that the homeschool curriculum superiority mindset is prevalent throughout all speakers. You’ll hear lapbook speakers criticizing workbook methods. You’ll hear the bread makers criticizing those who chose a different diet. Those who promote a classical education will criticize the effectiveness of other methods. There are even those who criticize athletics, extra curricular activities and college. The homeschool community and conventions are filled with people who disagree and comment on the methods of other homeschoolers."
  • March 24, 2011. WAVE-TV, Channel 3, NBC. Louisville, Kentucky. USA. Creation Museum founder uninvited from convention via Associated Press.
    "The organizers of Great Homeschool Conventions also banned Answers In Genesis founder Ken Ham from future conventions. They say Ham was critical of Peter Enns of the BioLogos Foundation, a Christian group that seeks to find common ground with scientific findings, like evolution. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that Ham said in a recent blog post that Enns' teachings undermine "the authority of the Word of God." "
  • March 24, 2011. Lexington Herald-Courier. Lexington, Kentucky. USA. Convention disinvites Ark park promoter by Linda B. Blackford. Pages A3 & A5.
  • March 24, 2011. Bellingham Herald. Bellingham, Washington. USA. Creation Museum's founder banned from convention by Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader.
    "At issue are criticisms by Ham of Peter Enns of the Biologos Foundation, who has said the fall of Adam and Eve can be construed as a symbolic story of Israel's beginnings, rather than a literal description of human beginnings."
  • March 24, 2011. Faith & Works - Kentucky's and Indiana's diverse religious scene blog. Sponsored by Louisville Courier-Journal. Ham-homeschooling dispute by Peter Smith.
    "Ham shot back that the convention organization has hosted speakers that question literal interpretations of the Bible and write for BioLogos, a Web site that promotes Christian acceptance of scientific conclusions such as evolution. (In the past year, BioLogos writers have repeatedly sparred with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler, who maintains that the Bible trumps the consensus of scientists. And BioLogos’ publicizing of a comment by prominent evangelical biblical scholar Bruce Waltke, showing an openness to evolution, cost Waltke his job as a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary)"
  • March 24, 2011. World Creation Museum's founder banned from convention by Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader.
    "Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis gives his first broadcast interview to Worldview Weekend Radio concerning his being kicked out of speaking for two homeschool conferences. This is a perfect example of what Brannon has been warning about and is writing about in his forth coming book, Religious Trojan Horse. Christian leaders will increasingly face opposition from Christian leaders and organizations when they stand for the Word of God without compromise."
  • March 24, 2011. AliveInSpirit blog. Emotional earthquake: thoughts on recent homeschool convention vs Ken Ham/AIG situation by Barbara.
    "Recently I was astonished to find out that Ken Ham and AIG were dis-invited to speak and be in the vendor hall for Midwest Homeschool Convention based on what Mr. Ham said concerning another speaker/vendor’s homeschool curriculum. I will not go into it much here as to whether or not there was any blame on either parties but to ponder what this means to me. Mainly because there seems to be more to the situation than is what has been presented by the convention people as well as perhaps Mr Ham. I do not know because I was not there and can only read what was made public. The convention folks are not giving out much info or facts. It is difficult to say what issues they had concerning Mr Ham since they just made a generalized statement which I could not see backed up by anything specific being brought forward by them. Honestly the way it was left makes it look more favorably toward Mr Ham and AIG so I am declining to make any firm judgment in the manner. I mainly wanted to state the situation exists between the two or perhaps the three parties seeing how Dr. Enns and his curriculum were a part of the equation. I used this info to set up what I wanted to say in the following sentences."
  • March 23, 2011. Nathan Ham: My Passion for Biblical Teaching blog. Free Love Christians by Nathan Ham.
    "Don't be a free love Christian! Don't excuse sin and unbelief in the name of love. First read, then believe, then obey every word of the Bible. Sometimes it is necessary to name the apostates and call out the perverseness of their sin. It doesn't mean we don't love. This is true love, for loving God and loving God's words comes first (Matt. 22:37-38). May God raise up more men who will preach God's words with passion and conviction without backing down."
  • March 23, 2011. blog. Is Christianity Once More on the Down-Grade? Answering a Critic Concerning Ken Ham’s Expulsion from Great Homeschool Conventions by Rev. Tony Breeden.
    "Brother Joel is at it again. He’s written a post concerning Great Homeschool Convention, Inc.’s erroneous decision to ban Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis from ALL future homeschool conventions [wow. that's... overkill]. Brother Joel, an extraBiblical Creationist, has a habit of taking an occasional potshot at Ken Ham and yours truly. In this case, the title of his blog post is simply libelous: Ken Ham Removed from Homeschool Convention for UnChristian Behavior."
  • March 23, 2011. Around the World with Ken Ham blog. Is AiG Unloving? by Ken Ham.
  • March 22, 2011. Mrs. Price is Right about Homeschooling blog. Unbelievable!!!! by Betsy Price.
    "Now, just by a few minutes research, I'm not liking what I see about Enns' curriculum, but guess what? I don't have to use it or buy it. I don't have to attend any workshops by the author. If I feel strongly enough, I could even stop using Wise-Bauer's other stuff. But to eliminate a well respected and reliable ministry and speaker such as AIG and Ken Ham for disagreeing with it is ridiculous."
  • March 22, 2011 Purpose Drivel - Ramblings on the drivel being proclaimed in the name of Christ blog. Congratulations are in order for Ken Ham! by terriergal.
    "We need men of God to have courage and to force the issue right under the wolf's nose. Too often we voluntarily muzzle ourselves so as not to cause our host undue embarrassment. This is not what Jesus ever did. He embarrassed his hosts regularly. He was not obedient to the wolves. Nor should we be."
  • March 21, 2011. Wretched with Todd Friel. Audio podcast of Ken Ham vs Peter Enns controversy. No literal Adam or fall by Todd Friel.
  • March 20, 2011. Around the World with Ken Ham blog. Beware by Ken Ham.



  • January 2011. Acts & Facts. Dallas, Texas. USA. Monthly magazine from the Institute for Creation Research. Confronting Evolutionary Ideas by Lawrence E. Ford.
    "Additionally, BioLogos is conducting workshops for Christian school science teachers in order to train them how to teach evolution to their students—to supposedly harmonize the Bible and Darwinian evolution in the classroom. They are also developing evolution-based science curriculum for use in homeschools and Christian schools. One of the BioLogos teachers, Dr. Peter Enns, is even developing a Bible story curriculum for children! Anticipated to release in February, this material is being published by homeschool guru Susan Wise Bauer. Parents, beware! BioLogos is also leading and participating in Christian conferences to influence pastors and other Christian leaders with the message that the Bible and evolution are compatible."


  •  ???, 2010. Well Trained Mind. Peace Hill Press website. Religion books.
  • November 30, 2010. Answers UK Radio. Answers UK Radio - Episode 26.
    "Presenter Paul Taylor analyses the use of language on the BioLogos website, because BioLogos ideas are becoming more and more common among pastors and leaders in formerly Bible-believing churches in the UK. In the second part of the programme..."
  • November 9, 2010. Albert Mohler blog. No Pass from Theological Responsibility — The BioLogos Conundrum by Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr.
    "Public debate is unpredictable by nature, but I have to admit that the approach undertaken by the folks at BioLogos continues to amaze me. The BioLogos movement is a straight-forward attempt to persuade evangelical Christians to embrace some form of evolutionary theory. Organized by a group that includes Dr. Francis Collins, now the Director of the National Institutes of Health, the movement seeks to marginalize objections to evolution among conservative Christians."
  • September 9, 2010. Creation Ministries International. Powder Springs, Georgia. USA. A response to Timothy Keller’s ‘Creation, Evolution and Christian Laypeople’ by Lisa Cosner.
    "While Keller is prepared to accept that Genesis 1 is not to be taken literally, and that God could have used evolution, he admits that he is concerned about the problems of reconciling evolution and a historical Adam. He recognizes that key New Testament authors and passages take Adam and the Fall as historical, e.g. Romans 5 and 1 Corinthians 15; Paul “most definitely wanted to teach us that Adam and Eve were real historical figures” (p. 9). This is at least better than his Biologos comrade Peter Enns who claimed that Paul was just wrong. Indeed, the section where he is explaining the importance of a historical Adam and a historical Fall is the best part of his paper, and we would agree with a lot of that section."
  • September 7, 2010. Creation Ministries International. Powder Springs, Georgia. USA. Evolutionary syncretism: a critique of Biologos by Lita Cosner.
    "BioLogos’s view of Scripture is probably best summed up by this quote from a paper by professing evangelical contributor Peter Enns,: “Most Christians understand that, even though the Bible assumes a certain way of looking at the cosmos, from a scientific point of view the Bible is wrong. And that is perfectly fine [emphases his].” Enns had previously left (or was dismissed from) Westminster Theological Seminary over his book Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament which attacked biblical inerrancy..."
    "And the people at BioLogos are very aware that it is not just Genesis 1–11 that is at stake. “For Paul, Adam certainly seems to be the first person created from dust, and Eve was formed from him.” I.e. creationists have been right all along about what the New Testament teaches about Genesis. But “[i]gnoring the scientific and archaeological evidence is not an option” in their mind, so Paul was simply wrong. In fact, Enns says that rejecting Christianity is a more viable option than taking the Bible’s account of creation at face value! He says that a true synthesis of Christianity and science “calls for a reorientation of what informed readers of the Bible expect from Genesis or Paul on the question of origins.”"
  • August 27, 2010. Answers UK Radio. Answers UK Radio - Episode 24.
    "The BioLogos Foundation claims to be an organisation within the bounds of conservative evangelicalism. Founded by Dr Francis Collins, of human genome project fame, it includes contributions from people such as Peter Enns, Alistair McGrath, and NT Wright (aka Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham). In this podcast, presenter Paul Taylor argues that their theology is actually old-fashioned liberalism. As a test case, the programme looks at what Wright, Enns and McGrath have to say about Adam and Eve. They don't believe Adam and Eve to be real historical figures, and with this view they go further away from biblical doctrine than do other theistic evolutionists such as Denis Alexander or John Stott."
  • August 19, 2010. Apologia Educational Ministries. What is the New Direction of Apologia?
    "As part of the purchase agreement, Dr. Wile remained an employee of Apologia with responsibilities to speak at conferences and write additional textbooks. On August 14, 2010, Dr. Wile chose to resign from Apologia, specifically pointing out in his blog that: 1) his Christian values are different from my Christian values, 2) he did not want to be associated with my vision and the new direction I was taking the company, and 3) his objection to the What We Believe series, the new biblical worldview curriculum we began publishing in the fall of 2009."
  • August 14, 2010. Proslogion: Thoughts from a scientist who is a Christian (not a Christian Scientist) blog. I No Longer Work for Apologia Educational Ministries by Dr. Jay Wile.
    "In June of 2008, I sold Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. to Davis Carman. Since then, I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the new direction Apologia is taking, as well as the vision of its new owner. As a result, I resigned from Apologia today."
  • April 17, 2010. Peter Enns Online blog. World News Tonight Piece on Waltke and Evolution Airs by Dr. Peter Enns.
    "All kidding aside (was I kidding?), you can see that the story was handled with some objectivity, with little attempt to incriminate Waltke or RTS. Neither did ABC opt for an incendiary approach, which they could easily have done. I don’t think Ken Ham is a good representative of the Evangelical counterculture, though, since his views are so idiosyncratic (I don’t think RTS faculty think that there were dinosaurs on the ark)."
  • March 6, 2010. BioLogos Forum. Creating Adam by Dr. Peter Enns.
    "For Paul, Adam and Eve were the parents of the human race. Do all Christians have to accept Paul’s interpretation of the Adam story?"
  • March 9, 2010. BioLogos Forum. Paul’s Adam (Part I) by Dr. Peter Enns.
    "In my last post I suggested that the Adam story could be viewed symbolically as a story of Israel’s beginnings, not as the story of humanity from ground zero."


  • August. Dr. Norman Geisler. A Review of Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament by Peter Enns by Norman Geisler.
    "When the true view of Enns is unveiled, it is easier to understand the kind of theological paranoia Enns reveals about his view when he exhorts others not to speak of his views like his with “judgmental suspicions” (172) or “predispositions against new ideas,” or to consider such views to be “on a slippery slope.” Likewise, we warns against “power plays” and attempts to “vilify person holding” such views, or against those who “go on the attack” against it and “jump to conclusions” about one’s motives and engage in “build[ing] our own kingdoms” All of this he calls the “angry evangelical syndrome” (173). Of course, the net effect of ad hominem phrases like these is to build a protective wall around his admittedly minority and clearly unorthodox views. By so doing, he hopes to ward off any critical analysis that would consider them unbibiblical and/or unorthodox."


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