Grand Canyon book controversy

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  • December 28. - Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Washington, DC. USA. Jeff Ruch letter demanding explanation from NPS over "Grand Canyon: A Different View' controversy.



  • April. Harper's Magazine, USA. God rocks! Excerpts from the book.
  • January 27. Albuquerque Tribune, Albuquerque, NM. USA. Grand Canyon Book Stirs Formation Feud by Sue Vorenberg.
  • January 20. American Daily, Phoenix, AZ. USA. High Tech Protest On Grand Canyon Book Controversy by Jeremy Reynalds.
  • January 16. Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX. USA. There's a great divide over Grand Canyon's age: Scientific groups express concern about book that says a biblical flood created the landmark from Religious News Service.
  • January 15. Agape Press, USA. Legal Group: Park Service May Face Litigation If Creationist Book Moved by Jody Brown.
  • January 12. Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ. USA. Shaving years off Grand Canyon by Richard Ruelas.
  • January 7. Agape Press, USA. Grand Canyon 'Coffee Table' Book Too Controversial for Evolutionists: Author Calls the Arizona Canyon 'Exhibit A for Creation' by Jody Brown.
  • January 7. Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ. USA. Biblical flood created Grand Canyon, book says by Julie Cart, Los Angeles Times
  • January 7. CNN, USA. Religious displays spur debate in nation's parks via Associated Press.


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