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  • October 27. Sunday Times, London, England. Devil theme park is a hot property Article about Free Church of Satan theme park. AiG mentioned: "...The Satanists regard it as a “riposte” to the Holy Land Experience, a Christian theme park in Orlando, Florida, and an anti-evolutionary museum under construction in Kentucky by Christian fundamentalists."


  • December 12. Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA. USA. Creationist Museum: Believe It or Not. Letters to the Editor.
  • December 9. Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA. USA. T. Rex Meets Biblical Text at Museum: New Kentucky center will present creationism as science, alarming experts by Stephanie Simon.


  • May 13. Washington Times, Washington, DC. USA. The Bible explains dinosaurs: Creationists plan a museum to counter evolution by Terry Kinney, Associated Press.


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