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  • November 9. ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Canberra. Australia. The Great Debate with Mark Simpkin. Interview with Ken Ham, Thomas Sharp, Michael Behe, etc.


  • October 23. Discovery Institute, Seattle, WA. USA. By Design? by Rita Braver, CBS News Sunday Morning. Transcript.



  • August 27. Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA. USA. Adam, Eve and T. Rex: Giant roadside dinosaur attractions are used by a new breed of creationists as pulpits to spread their version of Earth's origins by Ashley Powers. [Peuples & Monde posting of article.]




  • May 25. Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY. USA. Museum aims to put forward creationist view: Project being built in Boone County Associated Press.
  • May 22. Kentucky Enquirer, Ft. Mitchell, KY. USA. How and when did life begin? Ken Ham wants you to find the answer in his $25 million Boone County Creation Museum: Ministry uses dinosaurs to dispute evolution by John Johnston, Enquirer staff writer. pdf of Kentucky Enquirer front page
  • May 4. Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati, OH. USA. Creationism facility here on a mission by Post staff report.


  • April 1. BBC News. Would you Adam and Eve it? by Stephen Tomkins. AiG-UK's Dr. Monty White was also interviewed for this article. "They are less outspoken than in the US, where a new $25m museum of creationism is being built in Kentucky, but they quietly number hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions." "Dr Monty White tours churches throughout the UK, teaching "the biblical view" that the universe is about 6,000 years old."


  • March 28. NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, PBS. Evolution Debate. Transcript. Interviews with Ken Ham, Eugenie Scott, etc.


  • February 9. BBC News. US school's new challenge to Darwin by Ian Pannell. "In Kentucky a museum dedicated to the Book of Genesis and the story of the creation is under construction." "The $25m venture is hoping to pull in around a quarter of a million visitors a year."
  • February 3. New York Times, New York City, NY. USA. Inherit The Windbags by Maureen Dowd. [Free registration may be required to view.]


  • January 2. Sunday Telegraph, London, England. In the beginning...Adam walked with dinosaurs: Darwinian evolution is rejected in the first fully-fledged 'creationist museum' that has cost its builder $25m - with a little help from Hollywood by James Langton.

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