Creationist Sues Grand Canyon National Park

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  • May 24. Skepchick. United States. Blog. Creationist Sues the Grand Canyon! by Rebecca Watson.
    "So here’s hoping that a federal judge knocks some sense into Snelling. Well, let’s be honest, that’s probably impossible at this point. So let’s just hope a judge is able to explain in simple, monosyllabic terms why Young-Earth Creationism isn’t science — it’s religion. And the National Park Service has every right to discriminate against religious crusades."
  • May 23. Family Research Council. Washington, DC. Geologist Leaves No Stone Unturned.
    "Barack Obama may not be on the job anymore, but plenty of his appointees are. And unfortunately, those government holdovers are still having an impact on core values like religious liberty. While the Trump administration continues the long process of cleaning house, some injustices -- like Dr. Andrew Snelling's -- go on deep within the government."
    Link to Please Send with Dr. Snelling online petition
  • May 23. Arizona Republic. Phoenix, Arizona. Letter to editor. There are plenty of other ways for creationist to study Grand Canyon by Peter Scholten. p. 11A.
  • May 22. Washington Times Weekly. Washington, DC. Religious Bias? Geologist sues feds after Grand Canyon study banned by Bradford Richardson. p. 17.
  • May 21. Arizona Republic. Phoenix, Arizona. Letter to editor. Why was creationist researcher blocked from the Grand Canyon by Lois Zeidman. p. 6E.
  • May 21. Daily Sentinel. Grand Junction, Colorado. Golly what a gully! by Greg Walcher.
    "Legally, people may study the geology of the canyon, but only with a permit. It is the richest geological library on the planet, and scientists use the area for extensive research on the processes of Earth’s creation — but only if they agree to reach politically-correct conclusions."
  • May 21. Big News. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Waarom de Grand Canyon wordt aangeklaagd door een gelovige geoloog by Tim Luimes.
    "Snelling is een Young-Earth Creationist, een vorm van Christendom waarbij de Bijbel erg letterlijk wordt geïnterpreteerd. Hij denkt dat God de aarde schiep in zes dagen, dat de aarde minder dan tienduizend jaar oud is, en dat de Grand Canyon ontstaan is na de zondvloed van Noach."
  • May 20. Dnevnik. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Kreacionist podigao tužbu protiv Grand Canyona, jer želi srušiti "mit" o starosti Zemlje.
    "Jedan od Kenovih najvećih sljedbenika, Andrew Snelling, pokušava prikupiti uzorke stijena iz ovog nacionalnog parka te budući da je to zabranjeno, odlučio je tužiti zaštitnike kanjona. Snelling je zapravo znanstvenik. Ima doktorski studij iz geologije sa Sveučilišta u Sydneyju i objavljivao je znanstvena istraživanja u akademskim časopisima. Također je i veliki kreacionist."
  • May 19. Atlanta Constitution Journal. Atlanta, Georgia. Creationist sues National Park Service, Grand Canyon for religious discrimination by Crystal Bonvillian.
    "Snelling, a native of Australia who earned a doctorate in geology from the University of Sydney, argued in his lawsuit that he has previously completed multiple research projects in the Grand Canyon without issue. Research in Grand Canyon National Park is restricted, but officials grant permission for more than 80 research projects each year, according to the National Park Service."
  • May 19. Pysnnoticias. Unknown. Geólogo experto intenta demostrar que el gran Cañón fue esculpido por Dios.
    "Uno de los temas que más da el cielo aquí en Mega Curioso es la rivalidad entre evolucionistas y creacionistas – y la gente pone leña en esta hoguera de vez en cuando. Pero hacer el que? Hay agujeros y verdades en ambas teorías, por lo que es interesante mostrar cuando alguien intenta muestra el hecho de que está correcto. Este es el caso de Andrew Snelling, un científico creacionista que metió un proceso en el Grand Canyon."
  • May 19. Agence Science-Press. Quebec, Montréal. Canada. Les créationnistes poursuivent le Grand Canyon.
    "Un créationniste veut démontrer que le Grand Canyon illustre la Création telle qu’elle est décrite dans la Bible. Les autorités du parc refusent qu’il puisse récolter des roches pour ses « recherches ». Il dépose une plainte pour discrimination religieuse."
  • May 19. Gizmodo. United States. Un creacionista demanda al gobierno de EEUU por impedirle probar que el Gran Cañón se creó en el diluvio universal by Carlos Zahumenszky. Via The Atlantic.
    "La postura del parque al respecto de la investigación de Snelling se explica en un correo remitido al creacionista y que este ha añadido a la demanda. En ese correo las autoridades del parque explican que remitieron la investigación de Snelling a tres geólogos para recabar datos antes de su aprobación. La respuesta unánime de los geólogos fue que las rocas que Snelling buscaba pueden encontrarse también en las inmediaciones del cañón, y que el estudio no tiene el más mínimo rigor científico."
  • May 19. Nieuwsblad. Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium. Wetenschapper daagt de Grand Canyon voor rechter omdat hij er geen stenen mag verzamelen from The Atlantic.
    "Zijn vraag om 50 tot 60 stenen te verzamelen in de Grand Canyon zodat hij die zou kunnen onderzoeken werd verworpen. Het comité van wetenschappers dat over dergelijke onderzoeksaanvragen moet oordelen vond het werk niet “wetenschappelijk geldig” en de gevraagde stenen zouden ook buiten de Grand Canyon gevonden kunnen worden."
  • May 17. The Atlantic. Washington, D.C. A Creationist Sues the Grand Canyon for Religious Discrimination by Sarah Zhang.
    "Snelling is a prominent young-Earth creationist. For years, he has given lectures, guided biblical-themed Grand Canyon rafting tours, and worked for the nonprofit Answers in Genesis. (The CEO of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, is also behind the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter theme park.) Young-Earth creationism, in contrast to other forms of creationism, specifically holds that the Earth is only thousands of years old. Snelling believes that the Grand Canyon formed after Noah’s flood—and he now claims the U.S. government is blocking his research in the canyon because of his religious views."
  • May 17. The Washington Times. Washington, DC. Geologist sues feds, claims religious bias by Bradford Richardson. pp. 1A, 9A.
  • May 13. Arizona Republic. Phoenix, Arizona. Suit: Religion nixed Canyon research bid by Cameron Knight. pp. 1A, 6A.
  • May 12. Hello Christian. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Grand Canyon Rejects Research Project Pitch From Well-Known Creationist by Will Maule.
    "Andrew Snelling is a well-known creationist, and works for Ken Ham's controversial 'Answers in Genesis' organization. When he approached the authorities who manage the Grand Canyon national park to see if he could collect some rock samples, he didn't think it would be too much of a big deal. But they did not see it this way."
  • May 12. The Cincinnati Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio. Creation Museum researcher sues federal government over permit by Cameron Knight. p. 4A.
  • May 12. The Kentucky Enquirer. Cincinnati, Ohio. Creation Museum researcher sues federal government over permit by Cameron Knight. p. 4A.
  • May 12. Reformatorisch Dagblad. Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Christelijke geoloog geweerd uit Grand Canyon by Gert-Jan van Heugten.
    "Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) weigert de Amerikaanse geoloog dr. Andrew Snelling vanwege zijn religieuze overtuiging toestemming te verlenen om geologisch onderzoek te doen naar het ontstaan van aardlagen in de Grand Canyon (VS). Anti-discriminatieorganisatie Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) heeft een rechtszaak aangespannen tegen het park. Dat meldde Logos Instituut uit De Bilt vrijdag."
  • May 12. Family Research Council. Washington, DC. Geologist Ready to Rock Park Service
    "If you've been to the Grand Canyon, you know there isn't exactly a shortage of stones. The 227-mile natural wonder is a geologist's paradise -- unless, apparently, you're a Christian. Dr. Andrew Snelling found that out three years ago when he applied for a routine permit to study the area. As a published scientist with years of experience, Snelling never dreamed his request would be an unusual one. That all changed when the National Park Service did a little digging of their own: into Snelling's faith."
  • May 11. Creation Evolution Headlines. California. Creation Geologist Fights Secular Bullies by David F. Coppedge.
    "A win in this case could send a strong signal to secular scientists and federal regulators that they take a big risk discriminating against other qualified scientists on the basis of their beliefs. Will the new tone of religious liberty in the current administration favor Dr. Snelling’s case? Time will tell."
  • May 11. Lexington Herald-Leader. Lexington, Kentucky. Creationist geologist sues Grand Canyon National Park by Linda Blackford. pp. 3A, 8A.
  • May 11. Church Militant. Ferndale, Michigan. First Test Case of Trump's Religious Liberty Executive Order by Anita Carey.
    "Snelling is a scientist working for Answers in Genesis (AG), a Christian apologetics ministry focusing on providing answers to questions about the Bible such as creation, evolution, science and the age of the earth. He is suing the U.S. Department of the Interior, the Grand Canyon park superintendent and other park officials for denying his research and sampling permit on the grounds of his Christian beliefs."
  • May 11. Tupelo, Mississippi. Suing for the right to study the rocks by Charlie Butts, Billy Davis.
    "Snelling and ADF claim they have evidence of discrimination after the National Park Service forwarded his application to geology professors for their review, and the Young Earther was mocked in back-and-forth emails for his biblical beliefs."
  • May 11. Cincinnati, Ohio. Creation Museum researcher sues federal government by Cameron Knight.
    "Andrew Snelling claims that National Park Service, tasked with evaluating the scientific merit of research proposals in parks, along with the Department of Interior and several employees for the agencies violated his constitutional rights when they denied his request to collect rock samples from the Grand Canyon."
  • May 10. Liberty Headlines. Charlotte, North Carolina. LAWSUIT: Park Service and Godless Profs Discriminated Against Christian Geologist by Brendan Clarey.
    “Park officials changed their story, and issued a permit which required Dr. Snelling to traverse the Canyon in a separate trip and locate every proposed sampling site with GPS coordinates and photographs, without any assurance of ever being authorized to actually collect the samples needed,” ADF’s press release said. “No other scientist has been subjected to such a demand.”
  • May 10. Laboratory Equipment. Rockaway, New Jersey. Creationist Geologist Sues National Park Service Over Grand Canyon Rocks by Seth Augenstein.
    "The NPS most recently permitted Snelling to travel into the park – but only to take pictures and record GPS coordinates of where he would collect the stones. Such a trip, the geologist argues, would multiply the cost of the research for no reason. In the meantime, several other scientists have received permits to collect larger and more numerous samples, the suit alleges."
  • May 10. Lexington, Kentucky. Creation Museum researcher alleges religious discrimination in Grand Canyon by Linda Blackford.
    "Andrew Snelling, the research director for Answers in Genesis, the parent company of both tourist attractions in Northern Kentucky, filed a civil rights and religious discrimination complaint on May 9 in U.S. District Court in Arizona with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian nonprofit that works on religious freedom issues. Answers in Genesis promulgates “Young Earth Creationism,” which is the belief that the world was literally created by God in six days less than 10,000 years ago."
  • May 9. Washington, DC. Is 'grand illusion' about Grand Canyon on verge of being exposed? by Bob Unruh.
    "ADF noted Snelling holds a Ph.D. in geology from the internationally acclaimed University of Sydney and has conducted geological research in Australia and the United States. He has published works in peer-reviewed journals and has substantial field and laboratory experience with both theoretical and practical geological research."
    "During a three-year period that buried Dr. Snelling in needless red tape, the Park twice declined Dr. Snelling’s straightforward permit. Tellingly, the Park offered no scientific grounds for its last refusal. Instead Park officials imposed onerous conditions, making it virtually impossible for Dr. Snelling to comply. According to Park documentation obtained, no other scientist has faced such stipulations to receive research permits at the Canyon in the last three years. Dr. Snelling has supplied his attorneys with compelling documentation to support that claim."

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