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Guide to Young Earth Creation Organizations in the United States

United States



  • Creation Science Committee. Fairbanks.


  • Creation Education, Inc. Mesa.
    President: William S. Parks.
  • Origins Research Society. Scottsdale.


  • Creation Science Legal Defense Fund. Little Rock. Defunct.
    Founded: 1981. President: Carl A. Hunt. Officers: David B. Cheairs, C. William Ball, Paul L. Barnard, Jr., and Curtis C. Thomas.
    See also: Louisiana.


  • 4th Day Alliance. Fresno.
    "The 4th Day Alliance is a non-denominational Christian organization that seeks to promote the glory of God through astronomy."
  • Citizens for Scientific Creation. Saratoga. Defunct.
    Director: Nancy L. Stake.
  • Creation Science Association of the Inland Empire. Moreno Valley.
    President: Charlene Rosa.
  • Creation Science Association of Orange County. Santa Ana.
    President: Geoff Wychgel.
  • Creation Society of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara. Defunct.
    Director of Research: Gregg Wilkerson.
  • Creation Studies Institute. Grand Terrace. Defunct.
    Director: Charles Cook.
  • Creation Works. Paradise.
    Speakers: John Rajca, Duane Riffenburgh, and Pat Roy.
  • High Sierra Creation Fellowship. Bishop. Defunct.
    Formerly: Inyo-Mono Creation Science Association.
    President, Larry Moseley; Vice-president, Leonard Jolley; Secretary/Treasurer, Dave Babb; Director-at-large, Terry Rose.
  • Inyo-Mono Creation Science Association. Bishop.
    See: High Sierra Creation Fellowship.
  • Lake Arrowhead.
    [Need additional information.
  • Logos Research Associates. Costa Mesa.
    President: Dr. John Sanford. Research associates: Dr. John Baumgardner, Dr. Steve Austin, William A. Hoesch, Stan Sholar, Doug Hamp, Bruce Malone, Rob Carter, Dick McDonald, Dr. Marcus Ross, Dr. Chris Osborne, Bendeguz Szuk, Dr. Jerry Bergman, Dr. Daniel Criswell, Alicia Hoesch, Bill Morgan, Jim Pamplin, Dr. Steven Boyd, Dr. Rick Oliver, John Wynne, Dr Alan White, David Coppedge, Andy McIntosh, and Jay Seegert.
    Mission: "We use scholarship, logic, and the scientific method to show that the historical claims of the Bible are not only credible, but are superior to evolutionary theory to explain the origin of the world we see."


  • Alpha Omega Institute. Grand Junction.
    Directors: Dave & Mary Jo Nutting. Speakers: Richard Stepanek, Lanny & Marilyn Johnson, and Dave & Mary Jo Nutting.
    Activities: seminars, family camps, and creation training.
  • Biblical Science Institute.
    Founder: Dr. Jason Lisle.
    "Welcome to the Biblical Science Institute! This brand-new creation-themed science ministry exists to help you rationally defend the Christian worldview against those who claim that the Bible is unscientific. Critics assert that science has disproved the Bible, particularly the history recorded in the early chapters of Genesis. The Biblical Science Institute will equip Christians to logically refute such claims and to be encouraged that science confirms the Bible."
  • Christian Research Associates. Denver. Defunct.
    Director of Creation Research: Frank Sherwin.
  • Colorado Creation Fellowship (CCF). Longmont. Defunct.
    Board of Directors: Michael Lotz, Roger Drotar, Dr. Joel T. Champion.




  • Center for Creation Concepts. Clearwater. Defunct.
    Founder: Jonathan F. Henry.
  • Creation Education Ministries. Largo. Defunct.
    Founder: Ed Heaston. Publisher of In the Beginning newsletter.
  • Creation Today. Pensacola.
    Founder: Eric Hovind. Speakers: Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor. Activities: seminars, online courses, Creation Today Show (video podcast), books, DVDs, and more.
  • Genesis Matters Linguistics Association (GMLA). Gainesville. Defunct.
    Founder: Janice Bragdon.
    "The Genesis Matters Linguists Association functions to unite, support and inform those who are working, educating, researching or just interested in the field of linguistics who hold a Biblical worldview of creation which posits primarily that language is a God-created and endowed faculty especially to humans."
  • Jacksonville Creation Society. Jacksonville. Defunct.
    Founders: David and Marjorie Ramseur.


  • Atlanta Creation Group. Powder Springs.
    [Creation Ministries International local group?] Defunct.
  • Common Sense Science. Roswell.
    President: David L. Bergman; Vice President: Charles W. Lucas; Directors: Thomas W. Hagler, Jr. and Glen C. Collins.
    Newsletter: Foundations of Science.



  • Creation Training Initiative. Eagle.
    Founders: Mike and Leslie Riddle.
    "The vision for Creation Training Initiative is to impact churches, Christian universities, and Christian schools to stand firm on biblical creation and the authority of God’s Word. This will be accomplished by equipping thousands of Christians with the knowledge and communication skills to be teachers, who in turn, will equip the next generation to defend their faith against compromise and the teachings of evolution."


  • Creation Science Association of Central Illinois. Champaign. Possibly defunct.
    Founder: Darrell White.


  • Creation Worldview Ministries. Terre Haute. Defunct.
    Founded by David A. Brown.
  • It's Out of This World Science. Goshen.
    Executive Director: Gary Rheinheimer.
    "IOTWS is an organization dedicated to teaching both the Bible and science. Our goal is to come along side parents, teachers and church leaders to provide an extra resource to help educate those under their teaching with an understanding of science principles and how they relate to the Bible."



  • Creation Club of Kansas State University. Manhattan.


  • Answers in Genesis. Petersburg.
    President: Ken Ham. Speakers: Ken Ham, Dr. David Menton, Dr. Terry Mortenson, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson, Dr. Andrew Snelling, Tommy Mitchell, MD., Steve Ham, Buddy Davis, Joe Owen, Brian Osborne, Bodie Hodge, Brian Catalucci, Jim Gardner, Bob Gillespie, and Simon Turpin.
    Publishes Answers Magazine.
    Activities include Creation Museum, Ark Encounter theme park, and online education.
  • Catholic Center for Creation Research. Louisville. Defunct.
    Founder: Paula Haigh. 1975-1979.
  • Center for Biblical Creation. Mayfield. James W. Cecil Baptist College of the Bible (Mid-Continent University).
    Director: Faris Sahawneh
    The mission of the Center for Biblical Creation is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage skeptics to examine the truth claims of Christianity regarding the creation account as presented in the book of Genesis. Therefore, our goal is to present the scientific and biblical evidence that supports a rational belief in the existence and love of God as creator and redeemer by resourcefully equipping believers to defend their faith with excellence and willingly engage society's challenges with uncompromising integrity in believing the inerrancy of God’s word.


  • Louisiana Citizens for Academic Freedom in Origins (LCAFO). Defunct.
    Founded: 1980. See: Origins Resource Association.
  • Origins Research & Information Service (ORIS). Lafayette. Defunct.
    Director: Ronald Calais.



  • Baltimore Creation Fellowship, Inc. Perry Hall. Defunct.



  • Creation-Science Association, Detroit. Birmingham. Defunct.
  • Michigan Creation Research. Gaylord.
    Founder: Chadwick Fransten.
    "We believe, at Michigan Creation Research, that God’s Word is 100% accurate when concerning all matters recorded in the Bible. Therefore, we also believe that the Bible is fully accurate when talking about the creation of the universe (the universe was created by God in six literal days nearly six thousand years ago)."


  • Creation Moments. Foley.
    Speakers: Ian Taylor, Mark W. Cadwallader, Activities include radio program, newsletter, speaking, and resources. Formerly The Bible-Science Association.


  • Society for the Advancement of Creation Science. Starkville.
    "Our purpose is to strengthen people's faith in the Creator and His Word. By faith in what God has revealed through His Holy scriptures, we believe that God created the world in six 24-hour days about 6000 years ago and that science supports this claim. We believe that the Creator is Jesus Christ and we desire that all men come to know Him."


  • The Bible is True Ministries. Strafford. Defunct.
    Founder: Rod Butterworth. Dr. Butterwork is now director of the Creation Museum of the Ozarks: Creation Museums and Science Centers.
  • Creation Connection. Arnold. Defunct.
    Founder: Matthew Crews. Founded: July 1995.
  • Creation Link. Mountain Grove. Defunct.
    Founder: Lance Link.
  • Creation Science Association-Mid-America. Cleveland.
    President: Tom Willis. Monthly meetings, seminars, field trips, newsletter, library, and bookstore. Speakers: Ken Carlson, Doug Dexheimer, Jim Henderson, Mary Jefferson, Mark Matthews, Dr. Calvin Myers, Larry Rink, David Unruh, and Tom Willis.
  • Mid-Missouri Chapter of Missouri Association for Creation Columbia. Defunct.
    Founder: Dr. James Karnes.
  • Tri-County Association for Creation (TAC). Washington. Defunct.
    President: Tom Romer.


  • Creation Foundations. Billings.
    Founders: Ron and Kathy Zeiler, Steve Handley.



New Hampshire

New Jersey

  • Creation Science Alive. Defunct.
    Co-founders: Nick & Teri Lally and RoseAnn Salanitri.
  • Creation Study Group of New Jersey (CSGNJ). Lincoln Park. Defunct.
  • Buried Alive.
    Website of Jack Cuozzo. Author of: Buried Alive - The Startling Truth about Neanderthal Man
  • New Jersey Bible Science.
    Board members: Jason D. Browning, Dr. Gerald Lenner, Nathan D. Smith, and Ebenezer Mallepalle.
  • Sussex County Creation Science Club. Sparta.

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota


  • ARK Foundation. Dayton.
    President, Mark Jurkovich. Monthly meetings, bookstore, and newsletter.
    "The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc. is a independent local Biblical Creation Science and history group, also known as ARKY (getting Absolute Real Knowledge (ARK) and You together) because the Bible is the only known absolute source of knowledge and it is for you. We believe it is the best starting point for wisdom. ARKY is promoting an increase in knowledge of the facts in favor of creation by God and the problems (usually unstated in schools and the press) with evolution. We also promote education on the founding documents of the United States and the historical backgrounds of those who God used to build our nation, in our strong and weak moments. We promote and educate via: monthly meetings, monthly newsletter, sending speakers to invited locations, selling Biblical, creation, science, and history materials, and having a vision to build a Biblical Worldview for individuals, families, Churches, and our government leadership."
  • Cedarville Interventionist Society. Cedarville.
    Founded: January 2011. Co-founder: Andrew Guerette.
    "a collegiate creationist organization dedicated to educating others about current research in the origins of life"
  • Creation Research, Science Education Foundation. West Chester.
    Founded: 1972.
    "Creation Research Science Education Foundation was founded in 1972 to advance knowledge of the scientific evidences of creation (and against evolution) in schools and among the general public. It was incorporated as a non-profit tax-exempt organization under the State of Ohio in January of 1973 and became tax-deductible under 501(c)(3) in 1984. Since its beginning, CRSEF's goal has been to educate the public about creation-science and to conduct scientific research that supports the truthfulness of the creation account in the Bible. Board members believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, which we believe teaches a young earth and a worldwide Flood in the days of Noah."
  • In The Beginning...A Creation Science Ministry. Toledo. Defunct?
    Founder: Steven McConaughy.
  • Northcoast Bible-Science Association. Cleveland. Defunct.
  • Ohio Valley Creation Education Association (OVCEA). Beverly. Defunct.
  • Scientific Education Foundation. Toledo.
  • Young Earth Creation Club. Gahanna. Defunct? Website down as of 6-27-2019.


  • Creation Science Fellowship of Oklahoma. Oklahoma. Defunct?
  • Southern Plains Creation Society. See: Jesus Created Ministries.


  • Institute for Creation Science (ICS). Portland.
    Director: J.D. Mitchell.
    "The Institute for Creation Science (ICS) was first established in March of 2005 in Gresham, Oregon. In July of 2008 the Board of Deacons of Rivercrest Community Church of Portland, Oregon approved ICS as a ministry outreach program at that church."
  • Nazarenes in Creation. Cottage Grove. Defunct.
    Chairman: James Wollbright. Treasurer: Larry Bottemiller. Communications Director: Mark Rose.


  • Creationist Fellowship. Lansdale. Founded 1997? Defunct.
    Founder: Anthony Carbo.
  • Origins Club - Penn State University. University Park. Founded Feb 1996. Defunct.
    Founder: Joshua Cuozzo.

Rhode Island

South Carolina

  • Citizens for Fairness in Education. Anderson. Defunct.
    Founder: Paul Ellwanger.

South Dakota

  • Black Hills Creation Science Association. Rapid City. Defunct.
    Founded in 1999. President: Randy Guliuzza.


  • Creation Biology Society. Dayton.
    Membership required. Sponsors: conferences and Occassional Papers of the the BSG.
    Mission: To develop and nurture a community of dedicated researchers committed to understanding the life sciences from a young-age creationist perspective through meetings and publications.
  • Creation Science Ministry. Chuckey. Defunct?
    Founder: Mike Vallie.
  • Echos of Eden. Shelbyville.
    Founder: Stephen Lawwell. Founded in 2007.


  • DFW Creation Study Group. Dallas/Ft. Worth. Defunct.
  • Society of Creation. Austin.
    Founders: Joel Heck and Gary Locklair. Founded August 2011.
    "Membership: This is a voluntary organization for full-time members of the faculties of Concordia University System (CUS) institutions of higher education. It also includes retired faculty who were formerly full-time in a CUS institution. We may from time to time consider the category of adjunct membership for part-time faculty or graduates of CUS institutions."
    "Purposes: To provide support, education, affirmation, and encouragement for those who teach the historic position of the LCMS on the doctrine of creation and to affirm the biblical position on creation."




  • Center for Creation Studies. Lynchburg.
    Director: Dr. David DeWitt, Liberty University.
    Mission: "The Center for Creation Studies is an interdisciplinary education and research institute committed to the study of the origin of the universe, the earth, life and the species. This study draws upon knowledge from religion, science, philosophy and history."
  • Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation. Mt. Jackson.
    Director: Hugh Owen.
    "The Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation is a Roman Catholic lay apostolate dedicated to glorifying the Most Holy Trinity by proclaiming the truth about the origins of man and the universe."
  • Tidewater Creation Science Association. Virginia Beach. Defunct. Formed: 1989?
    Director: Richard Homesly.
    See: Origins Science Association.


  • Genesis Institute. Seattle. Defunct. 1986-2004?
    Founder: Walter Lang.
  • Seattle Bible-Science Association. See: Creation Association of Puget Sound.

West Virginia


  • Creation Education Center. Waukesha.
    Founder: Jay Seegert.
    "The Creation Education Center is a non-profit* organization established in 2007 to address the challenge from the secular world regarding the validity and accuracy of the Bible, especially the creation account as described in the book of Genesis."
  • Creation Insights. Oostburg.
    Founder: Michael DuMez.
    "a service that offers creation tours and science classes for children and adults."
  • East Wisconsin Chapter of the Bible-Science Association. See: Creation Science Society of Milwaukee.