Theses and Dissertations, 1970-1979

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  • Fact or Faith? An Analysis of the Controversy Surrounding Evolution and Creationism by Hugh S. Miller. Other, Princeton University.


  • Epperson v. Arkansas : A Question of Control Over Curriculum and Instruction Decision Making in the Public Schools by John W. Keienburg, III. Dissertation (Ph.D.), Texas A&M University. 208 p.
  • A Chronology and Analysis of Regulatory Actions Relating to the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools by Richard D. Wilhelm. Dissertation (Ph.D.), University of Texas--Austin. 481 p.


  • Christian Fundamentalism and the Theory of Evolution in Public School Education? A Study of the Creation Science Movement by Vernon L. Bates. Dissertation (Ph.D.), University of California?Davis. 232 p.
  • The California State Board of Education and the Presentation of the Concept of Evolution in the State Science Texts by Janet K. Hoare. Thesis (Masters), San Francisco State University. 83 p.
  • The Anti-Evolution Controversy in Louisiana, 1925-1926 by James M. Mansfield. Thesis (Masters), Louisiana State University. 127 p.


  • The Rhetoric of Dogma : An Analysis of the Rhetorical Strategies of Two Representative Speakers in the Evolution Controversy of the 1920's by David E. Amick. Dissertation (Ph.D.), University of Oregon. 211 p.


  • The Anti-Evolution Crusade in Missouri, 1922-1971 by William W. Farmer. Dissertation (Ph.D.), University of Missouri--Columbia. 294 p.

Additional Theses and Dissertations