Theses and Dissertations, 1950-1959

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  • Oklahoma's Anti-Evolution Controversy by R. Haliburton, Jr., Thesis (Masters), Oklahoma State University.
  • Backgrounds of the Scopes Trial at Dayton, Tennessee by Warren Allem. Thesis (M.A.), Department of History, University of Tennessee--Knoxville. 130 p.
    This paper has been written in a sincere attempt to give a perception in depth to the scene of the famous trial. The history of the area has been studied, many of the leading characters have been interviewed personally, and a large amount of reading has been done in the records relating to the events. Although greater emphasis has been placed upon those aspects of the case which were purely local, a number of the larger factors contributing to its background and meaning have been presented briefly.


  • The Evolution Controversy During the 1920's by Leroy Johnson. Dissertation (Ph.D.), Indiana University--Bloomington. 218 p.


  • The Anti-Evolution Movement in Relation to Public Education in the U.S. by Olin T. Binkley. Dissertation (Ph.D.), Yale University.
  • The Southern Baptist Reaction to the Darwinian Theory of Evolution by Edward L. Clark. Dissertation (Ph.D.), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • The Anti-Evolution Conflict in the 1920's by L. Beatice Simms. Thesis (Masters), University of Kentucky. 120 p.

Additional Theses and Dissertations