The Lost Ship of Noah

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The Lost Ship of Noah : In Search of the Ark at Ararat
Author Charles Berlitz
Country United States
Language English
Subject Creationism
Genre Noah's Ark
Published New York
Publisher G. P. Putnam's Sons
Publication date
Media type Hardbound
Pages 203 p.
ISBN 0399131825
OCLC 14359140
LC Class 86-25141
Maps on lining papers, 24 pages of plates, illustrations, maps.

Front Flap

High on a mountain in eastern Turkey there lies, seasonally visible under the ice and snow, a man-made object, older than recorded history, resembling a ship. Is it a ship, where no ship could be? If it is, could it be Noah’s Ark? Religious and archaeological expeditions to Ararat have increasingly focused world attention on the mysterious object on the mountain. It has been photographed from satellites and measured by subsurface radar. It has been carbon 14—dated to prehistoric times, making it contemporaneous with the period of the Great Flood. Can this actually be Noah’s Ark? As a result of intensive research and investigation at the site of the “ship,” the author is convinced that definitive proof of the historical validity of the Flood and the Ark now exists.

One of the world’s foremost explorers of ancient mysteries, and author of such towering international bestsellers as The Bermuda Triangle, Charles Berlitz here investigates not only his most fascinating case to date, but also provides answers to questions concerning the origins of our civilization, the historical validity of the Bible, and—as we approach the threshold of the second millennium—the very nature of our collective destiny.

Back Flap

Charles Berlitz was born in New York City. A graduate of Yale University and the grandson of Maximilian Berlitz, founder of the Berlitz language schools, he is listed in The People’s Almanac as one of the fifteen most eminent linguists in the world. He was awarded the Dag Hammarskjold International Prize for Nonfiction in 1976. His previous books include Mysteries from Forgotten Worlds, The Bermuda Triangle, and Atlantis: The Eighth Continent. He resides in Florida, where he keeps a fifty-eight-foot sailboat—in case of another flood.

Table of Contents

  • The Ship on the Mountain
  • Ancient References -Contemporary Confirmations
  • Aircraft and the Ark
  • Volcanic Mound or Tomb of the Ark?
  • Dikkat! - Danger!
  • Reported Encounters with the Ark
  • The Tides That Swept the World
  • Dry Seabeds and Sunken Lands
  • Animal Species that Disappeared with the Flood
  • The Clash of Ideas
  • The Ark and Reality
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography
  • Index