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Creation Resources

  • Answers in Genesis Library.
    Online catalog of the Answers in Genesis library collection. Currently over 10,000 items in the collection. Extensive collection of books, multimedia, journals, newsletters, ephemeral, and special collections. Many rare and hard to find creationist publications.
  • Core Academy library.
    With more than 4,000 books, pamphlets, periodicals, and video and audio recordings related to the creation/evolution debate, the Core Academy library is an outstanding publicly-available resource for researchers interested in the creation/evolution conflict. Our library also includes archives and special collections
  • Creation/Evolution Quotes.
    Defunct. Formerly maintained by Stephen E. Jones. Searchable database of creation/evolution quotes.
  • Creation History Project wiki.
    "The Creation History Project wiki focuses on maintaining an historical record of the creation vs evolution controversy through publication of biographies, bibliographies, media news items, polls & survey data, debates, periodicals, organizations, and past & present activities."
  • Creation Wiki.
    "Creation Wiki is a free encyclopedia that is derived from the uniquely creationist perspective."
  • Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith.
    Defunct. Memorial website.
  • TrueOrigin Archive.
    Maintained by Tim Wallace. Began in 1997 as rebuttal to a TalkOrigins article.