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Today's Date: November 1, 2020

What Can Christians Do With Halloween?

Is it a glorification of evil? or a chance to learn about courage in the face of darkness?
2020-10-31 23:53:05 David F. Coppedge

Cosmology Shrieks in the Dark

Modern cosmologists spend more and more money looking for dark matter. So far it's all trick and no treat.
2020-10-30 13:00:09 David F. Coppedge

This Exoplanet Shouldn’t Exist

Astronomers are baffled by a Neptune-sized exoplanet with an atmosphere that should have burned up long ago.
2020-10-29 13:00:53 David F. Coppedge

The Dingo Enigma

Biologists acknowledge that the ancestry of dingoes is a big problem for evolution.
2020-10-28 13:00:15 Jerry Bergman

Un-crushable Beetle Surprises Scientists

A beetle that lives under tree bark can withstand crushing forces 39,000 times its body weight. It’s called the “diabolical ironclad beetle” and scientists are intrigued. Live Sci...
2020-10-27 13:00:22 David F. Coppedge

Bird Ballet Revealed

Illustra's latest short film displays a wonder of nature: the coordinated formation flights of thousands of birds.
2020-10-26 19:51:24 David F. Coppedge

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