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Back to Creationism
  • 1929. Back to Creationism. Angwin, California : Pacific Union College Press, c1929. 139 pages ; 26 cm.

Table of contents:
Foreword, March 1, 1929
The Earth Speaks to the Evolutionist
The New Catastrophism
Missing Links Are Still Missing
Heralds of the Dawn
The Bankruptcy of Evolution
Each After His Kind
A Revival of Paganism
The Science of Creationism
I. Geological Time Table
II. Classification of the Animal Kingdom
III. Classification of Plants

Creation Speaks
  • 1940. Genes and Genesis. Mountain View, California : Pacific Press Publishing Assn., c1940. 155 pages ; 20 cm.
    "Ministerial Reading Course Selection for 1941, Ministerial Association of Seventh-Day Adventists."

Table of contents:
The Morning Cometh
Many Kinds in Many Places
Confused Species
Back to Creationism
Accepting the Challenge
Literature Consulted

The New Diluvialism
  • 1946. The New Diluvialism. Angwin, California : Science Publications, 1946. 222 p. : ill., maps, charts ; 28 cm. Includes glossary, bibliographic references, and index. Science Publications, No. 1. Preface by Harold W. Clark, January 1, 1946.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1. By the World of His Power
Chapter 2. The Testimony of the Rocks
Chapter 3. The World that Perished
Chapter 4. The Face of the Earth
Chapter 5. Treasures of the Snow
Chapter 6. The People of the Wilderness
Chapter 7. Neo-Creationism

Copy signed: Sincerely, H. W. Clark.

A Reply
  • 1947. A Reply. Angwin, California : Author, 1947. 8 pages ; 28 cm.

"Recently a pamphlet has been widely circulated by a former teacher and friend of mine, accusing me and my associates of "heresy” and "treason" for teaching "theories of satanic origin". For seven years I have accepted these charges quietly without making any public statement regarding them, except for one letter of which I sent copies to six or seven of our workers to whom the original charges were made in 1940. Inasmuch as the present declarations involve my fellow-teachers and a number of other workers who have studied the questions involved, I deem it only right that I should reply to the accusations, not so much in personal defense as in defense of the integrity of Adventist college teachers and others against whom this tract has been written."

"In a personal note on the mimeographed letter accompanying the pamphlet it is stated that this is in reply to the "attack on accepted Adventist positions" which I have made in my book, The New Diluvialism".

"This charge I emphatically deny,—that I have, in my book, attacked the "accepted Adventist positions". Anyone who will read my book with open mind can see that its whole purpose is to justify and fortify the Adventist positions against the views of the evolutionists."

Creation Speaks

Table of contents:
What Do These Things Mean?
“In the Beginning”
“Let the Earth Bring Forth”
Each After His Kind
Death and Decay
To Destroy the Earth
A Flood of Waters
After the Flood
Paganism or Literal Creationism
Creation and Science

Nature Nuggets
  • 1955. Nature Nuggets. Mountain View, California : Pacific Press Publishing Association, c1955. vii, 220 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.

Table of contents:
Part 1: Fundamental Principles
Part 2: Nature Lessons
Part 3: Nature Study Methods

Skylines and Detours
  • 1959. Skylines and Detours. Washington, D.C. : Review and Herald, c1959. 320 p. : photos ; 21 cm.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1. New England Heritage
Chapter 2. Prairie Pioneers
Chapter 3. To a Land That I Will Show Thee
Chapter 4. Skylines
Chapter 5. Detours
Chapter 6. Summers at Albion
Chapter 7. Edgemont

Wonders of Creation
  • 1964. Wonders of Creation. Mountain View, California : Pacific Press, c1964. 134 p. : ill., photos ; 25 cm. Includes index.

Table of contents:
The Birds Will Tell You
Who Made Birds Fly?
The Beasts Will Teach You
"The Fish...Declare"
Treasures of the Sea
"The Plants...Will Teach You"
The Making of a Tree
The Desert Shall Blossom
Winged Miracles
Marvels of the Insect World
All Things Beautiful
Divine Geometry
"Fearfully and Wonderfully Made"
Each "After His Kind"

Fossils, Flood, and Fire

Table of contents:
A Fighting Heritage
Storming the Stronghold
Challenge to the Churches
The New Geology
Genesis Vindicated
The New Creationism
Books by George McCready Price

Genesis and Science
  • 1967. Genesis and Science. Nashville, Tennesssee : Southern Publishing Association, c1967. 124 p. : charts ; 20 cm. Includes index.

Table of contents:
Each After His Kind
The Tree of Life
Who Were Your Ancestors?
Following the Pattern
The Fossils and the Flood
The Flood Story in Stone
Water, Fire, and Ice
Pagan or Christian?

Fossils, Flood, and Fire
  • 1968. Fossils, Flood, and Fire. Escondido, California, c1968. 239 pages : illustrations, charts, map ; 22 cm. Includes index.

Table of contents:
Foreword by Ernest S. Booth
Part One--Historical Survery
The Authority of Science
The Rise of Modern Geology
The Delusion of Uniformity
The Flood Theory of Geology
Flood Legends
Ancient Life Zones
Part Two--The Rocks and the Flood
The Basement Complex
Life of the Ancient Seas
Burial of Coal Forests
Permian Puzzles
The Violent Climax
Shaping the Landscape
The Rein of Winter
Cave Men and Stones Ages
This Changing Planet
NOTE: Personal copy of Alfred M. Rehwinkel.

The Battle Over Genesis
  • 1977. Battle Over Genesis. Washington, D.C. : Review and Herald Publishing Association, c1977. 239 pages ; 21 cm.

Table of contents:
Beginnings of Science
Ancient Creation Myths
Christianity Invaded by Paganism
Dark Days of Mysticism
The Birth of Modern Science
The Golden Age of Creationism
The Older Diluvialism
Geologists Challenge Creationism
The Battle Over Darwin
Creationist Detours
Crusaders for Creation
The Modern Synthesis
How Old Is the Earth?
Searching for Ancestors
Shock Waves in Anthropology
Challenges to Evolution
Problems of Interpretation
In Review
Biographical Briefs

New Creationism
  • 1980. New Creationism. Nashville, Tennesssee : Southern Publishing Association, c1980. 128 pages ; 21 cm. Includes index.

Table of contents:
Conflict and Controversy
New Concepts in Biology
Unlocking the Mystery of Cell Life
The Great Catastrophe
Fossil Zones
Water, Fire, and Ice
Stone Age Man
Cavemen and City Sites
Recommended Readings on Creation