Frank Lewis Marsh

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  • Fundamental biology. Lincoln, Nebraska : The author, 1941. 128 leaves, 28 cm.
  • Evolution, creation and science. Washington, D.C. : Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1944.
  • Genesis : Fable or fact? Chicago, Illinois : Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and Other States, Student Service Commission, 1947.
  • Evolution, creation and science. 2nd ed. Washington, D.C. : Review and Herald, 1947.
  • Studies in creationism. Washington, D.C. : Review and Herald, 1950.
  • Lectures on creationism : Teachers' convention and biology workshop, Vejlefjord Hojskole, Daugaard, Denmark. July 23 to August 13, 1957.
  • Life, man, and time. Mountain View, California : Pacific Press, 1957.
  • Evolution or special creation? Washington, D.C. : Review and Herald, 1963.
  • Life, man and time. Rev. ed. Escondid, California : Outdoor pictures, 1967.
  • Scientific studies in special creation edited by Walter E. Lammerts. Terre Haute, Indiana : Creation Research Society, 1971. "The Genesis kinds in the modern world by Frank Lewis Marsh."
  • Variation and fixity in nature: the meaning of diversity and discontinuity in the world of living things, and their bearing on creation and evolution. Mountain View, California : Pacific Press Publishing Association, 1976.


  • Amalgamation of man and Bbeast. Unknown.
  • Amalgamation within Genesis kinds. "A study done at Union College, Lincoln, Neb., June 11, 1942."
  • The problem of amalgamation. "A study done at Union College, Lincoln, Neb., April 26, 1942."
  • An analysis of the amalgamation statement. "A study done at Union College, Lincoln, Neb., March 1, 1942."
  • The amalgamation statements. "A study done at Union College, Lincoln, Neb., November 16, 1947."
  • A discussion of Harold W. Clark's paper, "Amalgamation," Published March 1, 1948. Response by Frank L. Marsh, Lincoln, Nebraska, April 11, 1948.


  • Science and religion. Berrien Springs, Michigan : Theological Seminary, Andrews University, 1964. 84 pages ; 28 cm. Syllabus.
  • Age of the earth in the light of special revelation. 1974. 8 leaves, 29 cm.