The Quest for Noah's Ark

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The Quest for Noah's Ark : a Treasury of Documented Accounts from Ancient Times to the Present Day of Sightings of the Ark & Explorations of Mount Ararat with a Narration of the Author's Successful Ascent to the Summit of Noah's Mountain
Author John Warwick Montgomery
Country United States
Language English
Subject Creationism
Genre Noah's Ark
Published Minneapolis, Minnesota
Publisher Bethany Fellowship, Inc.
Publication date
Media type Hardbound
Pages 335 p.
OCLC 540095
Includes illustrations, photos, appendices, bibliography, and index

Front Flap

Is Noah’s Ark on Ararat?

Now you can read the evidence and decide for yourself.

During two years Dr. Montgomery has painstakingly researched, interviewed, sorted, discussed, investigated, questioned, analyzed, and examined all the reported sightings and expeditions from the first century to the present time.

His purpose, to separate enthusiasm from fact and to include only those reports that are credible. (He spent a good part of one summer tracking down a promising lead in Europe only to find it unreliable.) This certainly is the most complete and comprehensive book on the ark to date. Some items included have never before appeared in the English language.

For years to come this book will be considered the work on the 2,000-year search for the Ark—a valid historical record, free of wild conclusions or hair-brain speculation.

Back Flap

John Warwick Mongomery . . . is professor and chairman of the division of Church History and Christian Thought at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, and director of its European program at the University of Strasbourg, France.

He spends six months of each year in the United States and six months in France. He has been a regular visiting professor of Theology at Concordia Seminary, Springfield, Illinois, and at De Paul University, Chicago. In 1970 he served as Honorary Fellow of Revelle College, University of California at San Diego. Dr. Montgomery holds seven earned degrees including the Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Chicago and the Doctor of Theology from the University of Strasbourg.

A frequent contributor to Christianity Today, the author is honored by inclusion in Who’s Who In America, Who’s Who In France, and The Dictionary of International Biography. He is an ordained Lutheran minister and the author of fifteen books in the areas of theology, philosophy and church history.

Dr. Montgomery is widely known as one of this generation’s most articulate and dynamic spokesmen and contenders for the Christian faith.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Illustrations
  • The Account of Noah and the Ark: Parallel Hebrew and English Texts
  • Part One: The Deluge and the Ark
  • 1. The Flood in Universal Tradition (from Miller’s Testimony of the Rocks, with accompanying chart from Nelson’s Deluge Story in Stone)
  • 2. The Deluge Viewed Archaeologically (from Yamauchi’s The Stones and the Scriptures)
  • 3. Genesis and Gilgamesh (from Heidel’s The Gilgamesh Epic and Old Testament Parallels)
  • 4. The Design of the Ark (from the Creation Research Society Quarterly)
  • 5. The Ark’s Construction (from Filby’s The Flood Reconsidered)
  • Part Two: The Survival of the Ark
  • 1. The Most Ancient Witness (Berossus—Josephus and his Sources)
  • 2. The Patristic Testimony (Theophilus of Antioch—Faustus of Byzantium— Epiphanius of Salamis—Chrysostom)
  • 3. Encyclopedists of the Early Middle Ages (Isidore of Seville—Vincent of Beauvais)
  • 4. An Eastern Prince (Haithon)
  • 5. Monks, Merchants, and Knights of the Later Middle Ages (William of Rubruck—Jordanus—Odoric of Por-denone—Pegolotti—Sir John Mandeville—Gonzalez de Clavijo)
  • 6. The 17th Century Travellers (Adam Olearius—Jans Janszoon Struys—Sir John Chardin)
  • 7. A 19th Century Archdeacon
  • 8. An Elderly Armenian
  • 9. Samplings from the Cummings’ Archives (The Russian Expedition—Hardwicke Knight—George Jefferson Greene)
  • 10. Fernand Navarra
  • Part Three: Explorations of Ararat
  • 1. The First Modern Ascent: Parrot (1829)
  • 2. A Geologist Who Wouldn’t Give Up: Abich(1845)
  • 3. Ascension in Style: Khodzko (1850)
  • 4. The British Empire on Ararat: Stuart (1856)
  • 5. Just Short of the Summit: Freshfield (1868)
  • 6. One-Man Conquest and a Relic: Bryce (1876)
  • 7. More Tantalizing Wood: Markoff (1888)
  • 8. The British Again: Lynch (1893)
  • 9. Problems and Palpitations: Seylaz(1910)
  • 10. An American Failure (1951)
  • 11. A French Success: Navarra (1952)
  • 12. The Oxford University Exploration Club (1966)
  • 13. The Archaeological Research Foundation (1966)
  • Part Four: Ark Fever: Today's Endeavor To Find Noah's Ark
  • 1. An Account of the Author’s Successful Ascent of Ararat in August, 1970
  • 2. Arkeology 1971
  • Appendices
  • A. The Muslim Accounts
  • B. Complete List of Successful Ascents of Greater Ararat, 1829-1910
  • C. The Osnobichine-Cyril Story Exploded: A Dossier of Correspondence
  • Bibliography
  • Index