The Boat-Shaped Object on Doomsday Mountain

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The Boat-Shaped Object on Doomsday Mountain : Is This the Remains of Noah's Ark?
Author Mary Nell Wyatt
Country United States
Language English
Series A Wyatt Archaeological Research Publication
Subject Creationism
Genre Noah's Ark
Published Cornersville, TN
Publisher Wyatt Archaeological Research
Publication date
Media type Hardbound
Pages 278
ISBN 1931328005
OCLC 68813780
Illustrated, photos, maps, charts, and index.

Front Flap

On June 20,1987, the Turkish government officially dedicated an area in eastern Turkey as the site of Noah’s Ark. Near the Iranian and Russian borders, the dedication of this site and the surrounding area as a national park was a strong affirmation in the archaeological world. Ron Wyatt, of Nashville, Tennessee, was the guest of honor at that ceremony. The Turkish authorities credited Ron, an amateur archaeologist, as being directly responsible for substantially proving that the boat-shaped object on these Ararat mountains is indeed the remains of the ancient ark.

Archaeology is not an exact science, and the object in the mountains of Ararat did not come complete with a label stating, “This is Noah’s Ark.” But Ron spent years of research and field work, employed scientific testing, consulted with scientists and scholars, and finally concluded that all of the circumstantial evidence pointed to only one thing- this is Noah’s Ark. The Turkish scientists also did their own independent research, and they too concluded the same thing.

All of the conclusions are based on evidences gathered from many sources, and if the boat-shaped object is not Noah’s Ark, it is an even greater mystery. More than one scholar has stated that the discovery of Noah’s massive ship would be the greatest discovery of all times, and there is no other explanation that anyone has come up with that can satisfactorily explain all of the material proof. What is this boat-shaped object doing buried high in the mountains of Ararat if it is not the long sought after ark?

All of the evidences which led to the Turkish government and Ron’s conclusions have yet to be published in their entirety, and this book is an attempt to provide some of Ron’s data. His notes, unfinished manuscripts, video tapes and movie films, personal correspondence, laboratory reports, and newspaper articles are some of the sources I used.

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This is Ron’s story. It is a story of one man’s belief in something so strong that he just wouldn’t give up in spite of betrayal, hardship and opposition from all sides. During his years of research he suffered ridicule and personal attacks, but nothing discouraged him from continuing his search for the truth. The final verification, according to Ron, would be at least a partial excavation of the site. To date, this has not taken place because of the politics of the region.

Has Noah’s Ark actually been found? Ron absolutely believed so, and this book will help you weigh the evidences and decide for yourself.

Mary Nell Wyatt Lee (writing under the name of Mary Nell Wyatt) was married to Ron Wyatt for eleven years during which time she worked closely with him on his archaeological projects in the Middle East. She co-founded Wyatt Archaeological Research with Ron and has produced a number of documentaries on Ron’s work, including a two hour documentary on Noah’s Ark.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1. Preconceived Notions
  • 2. 1977- Eastern Turkey
  • 3. Nature Lends a Hand
  • 4. A Pattern of Metal Readings
  • 5. An Ancient Stele on the Ridge
  • 6. Evidence of Internal Structure
  • 7. Mapping the Metal Readings
  • 8. Media Attention
  • 9. Terrorists and Martial Law
  • 10. The First Radar Scans
  • 11. The Official Decision
  • 12. Blue Skies and a Black Cloud
  • 13. More Evidence Emerges
  • 14. Kidnapped
  • 15. Confusion
  • 16. And Then He Was Gone
  • Index