Noah's Ark : I Touched It

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Noah's Ark : I Touched It
Author Fernand Navarra, edited by Dave Balsiger
Country United States
Language English
Subject Creationism
Genre Noah's Ark
Published Plainfield, New Jersery
Publisher Logos International
Publication date
Media type Trade edition
Pages xv, 137 p.
ISBN 0882700650
Includes photos (some color)

Inside Front Cover

Reports of the sighting of the remains of Noah’s ark on Mount Ararat stretch from the days of antiquity well into the 20th century. Russian aviators during World War I claim to have seen the shape of an immense hulk in a glacial lake below the summit of that lofty peak near the border of present-day Turkey and the Soviet Union. Intrigued by these accounts French industrialist and explorer Fernand Navarra decided to put them to a serious test and thus became the first man in recent history who could say of NOAH’S ARK: I TOUCHED IT

Legend and his own calculations had told him where to look and so, in 1952, he made his first ascent of the mountain, but without success. On a second expedition in 1953 he came within 100 yards of his goal before he was turned back by bad weather. Finally, in 1955, Navarra and his young son, Raphael, in spite of a sudden blizzard, a rock avalanche and the dangerous effects of high altitudes and low temperatures reached the elusive site—a stagnant glacier 5000 feet below the summit. There, at the bottom of a 45 foot crevasse, the Frenchman unearthed a mysterious piece of hand-hewn wood, apparently of great antiquity.

The book continues with a diary of Navarra’s 1969 expedition with SEARCH Foundation of Washington, D.C. This trip was also successful. More hewn wood was recovered from a small glacial pond adjacent to the 1955 site. A later SEARCH mission in 1970 failed to reach its goal, partly due to Soviet obstruction.

Inside Back Cover

In 1955 French industrialist and explorer Fernand Navarra became the first man in modern times to re-discover what many believe to be the remains of Noah’s ark near the summit of Mount Ararat in Turkey. Now at last, after nearly two decades of silence, the one man who can speak authoritatively to an issue that has aroused the attention of much of the Western religious community has decided to tell his own story of the historic find complete with 40 pages of photographs.

Fernand Navarra, the noted French industrialist, was born in Beaulac, a town in southwestern France, in 1915. An expert in demolition, he is known for developing a process by which reinforced concrete can be broken up without explosives. But his real fame emerges from his passion for archaeological research, which has involved him in excavations in Libya, Egypt, the site of ancient Carthage, Tunisia, and, most significantly, at Mount Ararat in Old Armenia. Today he lives with his wife and three children in Bordeaux.

Table of Contents

  • Publisher’s Foreword
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Pioneers on Mount Ararat
  • Chapter 2. First Expedition—1952
  • Chapter 3. Second Expedition—1953
  • Chapter 4. Third Expedition—1955
  • Chapter 5. The 1969 Expedition—A Diary Account
  • Appendixes
  • I. The Deluge According to Assyro-Babylon Tradition
    • The Legend Of Berose
    • The Gilgamesh Epic
    • The Epic of Atrahasis
  • II. The Deluge in Other Traditions
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • North America
    • Central America
    • South America
    • Oceania
  • III. The Ark: What Was It Like?
    • The Design
    • The Dimensions
    • The Wood
  • IV. Mount Ararat—“Mother of the World”
  • V. Documentation on the Wood Testing