Noah's Ark : Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries

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Noah's Ark : Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries
Author Henri Nissen
Translator Tracy Jay Skondin, Bruce Steuer, Dorthe Orbesen, Irene Kjaedegaard
Country Denmark
Language English
Subject Creationism
Genre Noah's Ark
Published Copenhagen
Publisher Scandinavia Publishing House
Publication date
Media type Hardbound
Pages 330 p.
ISBN 9788771320886
OCLC 863196930
Includes color illustrations, color photos, maps

Front Flap

Only a few thousand years ago, the world climate changed dramatically. Was this fact just the end of an Ice Age—or was it caused by the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible?

Soon afterwards, great civilisations of the newborn world flourished in Babylon, Egypt, and India. Over time, the ancient knowledge from the pre-flood times disappeared or was misinterpreted as myth. However, with the advance of science and modern archeology, we are beginning to recover the mysteries of an Archaean era when man was able to build some of the greatest wonders of the world like some of the enormous pyramids in Egypt (that may have been wrongly dated) and, possibly, the mighty boat called Noah’s Ark.

Back Flap

Henri Nissen is a graduate of the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark. He has written thousands of articles, produced radio broadcasts and television programs, and written books that have been translated into other languages. As a journalist he has travelled extensively in French-speaking Africa for the Lutheran World Federation. He is the Chief Editor of Udfordringen, a Christian weekly news magazine in Denmark. The search for Noah’s Ark has been his passion for the last ten years, and he has visited the Ararat Mountains several times.

This book is the result of his research.

Back Panel

A large wooden structure has been spotted under the ice of Mount Ararat. Does this verify the biblical account of Noah’s Ark? Is the story of a Great Flood which is found in many ancient civilisations more than just an old myth?

This book takes you on an exciting journey to the heart of these questions and many other mysteries that have puzzled mankind for thousands of years.

Introduction (Chapter 1)

An SMS in the Middle of the Night

It was 2:30 am on June 2008 when Clara Wei was awakened by the familiar bip-bip of her mobile phone. She wondered who would be texting her in the middle of the night and had to check. It turned out to be a text message from Ahmet Ertugrul in Turkey who had apparently forgotten all about the six hour time difference, as it was still daytime in Turkey. When she read the message, she was suddenly wide awake. It said: “We have found Noah’s Ark. I am standing right next to it on Mt. Ararat. What are we to do?”

Clara Wei quickly brushed back her long dark hair from her face while reading the message over and over again. She was indeed surprised, but at the same time, she had no doubt that the message should be taken seriously. It was neither April 1 nor New Year’s Eve. And “Parasut”, as she called him, wouldn’t make jokes about something like this. She had met him several times in Turkey, and they had worked together on the project over the last five ears. She knew quite well that he had a reputation of sometimes drinking a little too much, but he wouldn’t lie about a thing like this.

Ahmet Ertugrul knew how many hours Clara Wei and the others in the Sparkling Sun documentary film company had spent on investigating Noah’s Ark.

“Take a lot of photos and stay in touch!” Clara answered. And Parasut did so, but he didn’t send any photos. He only hurried down the mountain as it was getting dark in the easternmost part of Turkey.

When Clara got to work the next morning at Sparkling Sun after having spent a restless night, the first thing she did was to tell her boss Wing Cheung Yeung about the unbelievable text message she had received. The NAMI team was informed at once to investigate the great news. They did not doubt it either.

“Experts had already confirmed our theory that there would be no kind of human habitation so high up the mountain. So when we found the wood, the only satisfactory explanation was that it must be the Ark of Noah,” Clara tells. But the important thing now was to investigate the find and have all details confirmed before releasing the big news to the whole world.

Together with Parasut, Clara Wei was charged with the task of arranging the trip for the Chinese team to travel to Turkey. This took place in late August 2008. Although the weather was bad, the team managed to examine two other locations that might also be connected with the Ark. But the weather situation prevented them from going up to the new place found by Parasut. They had to content themselves with the photos he had taken on the mountain. But could they be trusted? The photos could have been taken somewhere else...

Without getting any proof from visiting the location themselves, the NAMI team eventually had to go back home again. It was very frustrating. All agreed to keep the secret to themselves. They had to know for sure before proclaiming to the whole world that the Ark had been found. Over the years many had claimed to have seen the Ark, but it was usually at a distance or on a satellite photo, and when it came to prove it, their assertations couldn’t hold.

This time they had to be sure.

Andrew Yuen—the Driving Force

The Hong Kong Chinese had been making expeditions on Mt. Ararat in Turkey since 2002 due to Andrew Yuen (or Man-fai Yuen which is his official name). What first made him interested in the account about Noah’s Ark was reading a news article in the 1970’s reporting that a satellite photo taken of Mt. Ararat allegedly showed a shadow that could be Noah’s Ark. Stories like this have been frequent.

But since then Andrew Yuen has been researching as much information as possible regarding the Ark, and he has climbed Mt. Ararat several times in order to find the Ark that he strongly believes must be there somewhere.

Andrew Yuen is one of the founders of “Noah’s Ark Ministries”—or NAMI as the organisation in Hong Kong is called.

NAMI is an international, non-profit organisation comprised of those who have a natural interest in Biblical archaeology. Andrew Yuen is the general secretary. Fiona Leung, the only female participant of the NAMI team on the expedition in 2010, is a fund-raiser for NAMI. The organisation has also been involved in the building of a “Noah’s Ark” in Hong Kong, a large centre for schools, organisations and individuals to visit for inspiration. In 2004 NAMI decided that a film should be made to document the search for the mysterious Ark, both NAMI’s own expeditions and those carried out by others.

It is a very fascinating story spreading over thousands of years. Therefore, NAMI joined forces with Sparkling Sun, a professional documentary film company on Cheung Shun Street in Hong Kong. The manager, Mr. Wing Cheung Yeung, is a media veteran who has been awarded several prizes for his popular documentary series. He has also participated in NAMI’s expeditions. But the big job of researching all about Noah’s Ark was left to his creative director, the journalist Clara Wei, who had to travel to Turkey quite a lot of times over the following years. She herself has never climbed the mountain, but has directed the projects from her hotel room in Dogubayazit, the town lying at the foot of the mighty mountain. This is where the ark hunters always stay.

When Wing Cheung Yeung became involved in shooting the film, he found that it was an extremely interesting project. But did he really expect the team to find the Ark?

“Certainly!” he exclaims.

“I was quite sure that it must be there. Therefore, we first did the research work. Afterwards, we searched for the Ark on location.”

“But many others have searched for the Ark for hundreds of years without finding it, so why you?” I asked.

“We had noticed that most ark hunters were focusing on research through satellite pictures. Others went to Mt. Ararat for a short period of time to climb the mountain over and over again but with no results.”

“But your team got in touch with a Kurdish-Turkish guide...?”

"Yes, we contacted the people living on the mountain. Our guide in Turkey was also working with the rescue team rescuing those who got in danger on the mountain. He was, therefore, very familiar with the mountain. He knew the locations that Westerners had been searching for years, and he also had an extensive knowledge based on what he had heard from locals,” Wmg Cheung Yeung explained. He himself and two of his camera men were among the six people who climbed the Mt. Ararat in 2009 together with the Turkish guide.”

Like in The Days of Noah...

“We produced a documentary of approx. 80 minutes in 2005, “The Days of Noah.” In connection with that film, the guide Ahmet Ertugrul led us to a cave which he thought held remnants of Noah’s Ark. But as it was filled with ice. we couldn’t, at that time, investigate it more closely. The very same year there was an earthquake, so the cave collapsed, and now it was completely impossible to examine it.”

“But Ahmet Ertugrul still believes that this location has something to do with the Ark. It is in the same area as the new find. You could see something flat and brownish through the ice...,” said Wing Cheung Yeung.

Actually, already several years ago the team found a piece of wood at the top of Mt. Ararat. NAMI even published it at press conferences in Turkey and Hong Kong. but the news never really reached the western media who had heard so many stories over the years of people who thought they had found Noah’s Ark.

“It Cannot Be True...”

I myself wrote and published in 2005 a comprehensive book of 320 pages about the long-standing search for Noah’s Ark—“Noah’s Ark Uncovered” was the English title. Robert Michelson, an American professor at the Technical University of Georgia, who has himself been involved in the search for the Ark, was so kind as to call the book “the most comprehensive book about the Ark search.” And, admittedly, it did take me four years to research the material and write the book.

The result was a very critical book of those who were searching for the Ark on Mt. Ararat. I tried to demolish the many incredible stories that were rampant. I proclaimed, with the help of a Turkish geologist, that the Ark could not be found on Mt. Ararat.

Today I have to realize that, after all, the Ark could apparently be found and that some of the many uncredible clues and eyewitness accounts lave been true.

While researching all possible information about Noah’s Ark, I have been diving deeply into so many exciting discoveries that will be thoroughly discussed in the following chapters alternating with eyewitness accounts by those who have now found an old, large wooden structure on snow-capped Mt. Ararat.

Book Is Divided into Three Parts:

  1. A historical part about Noah, the Great Flood, Mount Ararat and the attempts to find the Ark.
  2. The Kurdish-Chinese breakthrough for the team in the finding large wooden structure.
  3. A part with interesting and provocative background material providing new knowledge.

The culture-historical material and the many fascinating discoveries will low important it is if Noah’s Ark has really been found.

Table of Contents

  • 1. An SMS in the Middle of the Night (Introduction)
  • Part 1: THE STORY
  • 2. Everybody Knows Noah’s Ark
  • 3. The Fantastic Story
  • 4. The Peoples on the Ararat Mountains
  • 5. Ararat—the Common Origin of Languages and Genes
  • 6. Berosus Confirms
  • 7. From Josephus to the Middle Ages
  • 8. A Monk Knew About the Ark
  • 9 The Curse of the Pharaoh Returning?
  • 10. Several People Claim to Have Seen the Arl
  • 11. The Ark Was Found in 1883
  • 12. Navarra: I Found the Ark
  • 13. An Interview with Elfred Lee
  • 14. Hagopian’s Story
  • 15. Ark Fever
  • 16. The Boat-Shaped Object
  • 17. Photos
  • 18. The Chinese Conquer the Mountain
  • 19 Parasut Discovers Wood
  • 20. Exit Dr. Randall Price
  • 21. Interview with Panda Lee
  • 22. The Secret Tip
  • 23. The Final Breakthrough
  • 24. Interview with the Film Director Yeung
  • 25. The Seven Spaces
  • 26. A Big Secret Made Public
  • 27. Where Is It?
  • 28. Doubt about Genuineness
  • Part 3: BACKGROUND
  • 28. Was There Actually a Flood?
  • 29. The Ship Expert
  • 30. Meteor Showers Before the Flood
  • 31. Velikovsky’s Theories
  • 32. Where Did the Water Come from?
  • 33. Old Maps of the Pre Ice Age
  • 34. Why Did They Grow so Old?
  • 35. When Did It Happen?
  • 36. The Valley of the Eight
  • 37. The Book of Jasher
  • 38. The Graves of Noah and Naama
  • 39. Gilgamesh
  • 40. The Man Who Built Noah’s Ark
  • 41. Postscript