Discovered : Noah's Ark!

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Discovered : Noah's Ark!
Author Ronald E. Wyatt
Country United States
Language English
Subject Creationism
Genre Noah's Ark
Published Nashville, Tennessee
Publisher World Bible Society
Publication date
Media type Trade edition
Pages ii, 91 p.
Followed by Discovered : Noah's Ark, 2nd ed
Includes illustrations


Many controversies have persisted over the years; some are trivial, and some border on the ridiculous, but some are profound, affecting the very foundations of our beliefs. Those with the most far-reaching and persistent potentials concern the ancient history of mankind as presented in the Holy Bible.

I want to share with you the discovery of Noah's Ark. However, shortly after I became convinced of the authenticity of the Ark, I was divinely guided to several other discoveries which are equally astounding confirmations of the total infallibility of the Bible as Noah's Ark is. These great treasures, preserved by the Hand of God, I believe, are God's great "attention getters" for those who have been discouraged in total belief in the Word of God.

I first became interested in Noah's Ark in 1959 after reading an article in Life Magazine about a "mysterious boat-shaped object" photographed near Mt. Ararat. By 1975, I knew I was going to see this "formation" for myself; I believed it was possibly the remains of Noah's Ark.

In 1960, an expedition from the United States went to examine the object and returned after two days of research at the site with the verdict that it was a natural geological formation. There was nothing of any archaeological interest there.

In 1977, I made the first of 23 (to date) trips to Turkey, and after that first trip, I knew for sure. But gaining the evidence needed to convince the world was another matter.

Today, we have train-loads of evidence. However, it has become a great point of controversy among the ark-hunters. I've been criticized for everything from my methods of research to the fact that I don't speak in tongues. But it's been a small price to pay. I can say without a doubt the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is a historically accurate and reliable guide to the future.


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The Turkish government officially recognizes Ron Wyatt as the archaeologist who discovered Noah's Ark. The government of Turkey has built a Visitor's Center on the sight and a four-lane highway to the site. Officials say the Ark will be open to the public in late 1990.

The Ark of Noah was discovered in the village of Eight in the mountains of Ararat (Genesis 8:4) approximately 12 miles from the peak of Mount Ararat.

In the author's 12-year search for the Ark, he was jailed as a spy, shot at by terrorists, beaten, robbed, and persecuted. The book is full of excitement as well as technical information.

The Ark contains some metal parts that present-day man only "rediscovered" in the last century.

A must for every Christian who wants to know the sincerity of God and His plan for man. The book can be used as a great witness for the skeptics who do not believe the Bible to be true.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - The Search is Over!
  • Chapter 2 - The Years of Research, 1977-1987
  • Chapter 3 - Summary of the Evidences
  • Chapter 4 - Questions I Am Most Frequently Asked About Noah's Ark
  • Chapter 5 - Illustrations
  • Chapter 6 - Only the First of Many Astounding Discoveries
  • Chapter 7 - Observations and Remarks by Critics and Supporters (On Noah's Ark)
  • Chapter 8 - Quotes and Comments on the Discovery of the Red Sea Crossing Site and the Real Mt. Sinai
  • Chapter 9 - The Living Word
  • Chapter 10 - My Testimony
  • Chapter 11 - Understanding the Geology of the Earth and the Flood
  • Chapter 12 - Why Are These Things Being
  • Presented To the World Now?
  • Conclusion